Which Apps Should Add AudioBus Support Next?

Yesterday, developers announced the AudioBus release date, Dec 10th, along with a list of  apps that have been updated to be compatible with the audio routing system.

The developers also announced that they are ready to choose the next 25 companies to work with – and the apps that will get AudioBus support:

We’ll be starting a limited second wave of Audiobus apps – limited so we can rapidly respond to any potential remaining issues – by giving another 25 developers access to the SDK. These developers will be selected from the list of developers who have expressed interest in acquiring access to the SDK – currently that’s a list more than 700 entries strong.

What apps do you want to see get AudioBus support?

The first round of compatible apps include:

  • Funkbox (input slot)
  • JamUp XT (effects slot)
  • JamUp Pro XT (effects slot)
  • Loopy (input and output slot)
  • Loopy HD (input and output slot)
  • MultiTrack DAW (output slot)
  • NLog MIDI Synth (input, effects and output slot)
  • NLog Synth PRO (input, effects and output slot)
  • Rebirth for iPad (input slot)
  • SoundPrism Pro (input slot)
  • Sunrizer Synth for iPad (input slot)

What would you like to see added to this list? And which apps would you like to use together with AudioBus?

165 thoughts on “Which Apps Should Add AudioBus Support Next?

  1. For me it would be Nano Studio, Moog Filtatron, Magellan, DM1, Cassini, Addictive synth and Arctic Keys……..can you tell I am into my synths lol

  2. BM2, DM1, ipolysix, ims20, impaktor, animoog, PPG,, sunvox, nanostudio, dxi, filtatron, magellan, crystal synth, garbageband, auria, meteor.
    To name a few.

  3. Sunvox by a mile.

    Samplr, Borderlands.

    If they could twist the arm ( or bring back from the dead) the Jasuto developer that would be great, even if just to have a better way to record audio internally.

    Also super unlikely, but TNR-i for MIDI and to sample into.

    Of the opening list Loopy HD is the only one that’s interesting to me, and only for input, but then none of the other apps I really care to send audio to…maybe funkbox. I guess I’m saying it might be awhile for me to throw down my cash on this. 🙂

  4. It would be nice to design percussion sounds in Impaktor and sample them via BeatMaker 2.

    Ditto Samplr—>BeatMaker 2

    If I didn’t think it a lost cause I’d say an output for Jasuto Pro would be nice, but it seems like that app was abandoned sometime after iOS 5 came out.

  5. I love Moog and don’t complain about their prices but iv had Filtatron for years now, and with AudioBus it would finally be useful

  6. Not only saying wich app we like, but we all have to write on forums, facebook, twitter to ask developers to integrate Audiobus, write on these threads, some i started today, let’s do our part of the job as user’s :

    Imaschine : http://www.native-instruments.com/forum/showthread.php?t=183186

    Alchemy : http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=5157972#5157972

    Nanostudio : http://forums.blipinteractive.co.uk/node/3470

    Beatmaker 2 : http://www.intua.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=3354

    Garageband : https://discussions.apple.com/thread/4570681

    Wizdom Apps : http://www.facebook.com/WizdomMusicSoftware?fref=ts

    DM1 and Rockmate : http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fingerlab/292088420802006

    Start threads on your favorite apps forum, give us the links !

    1. You make it sound as if there were something wrong with that.
      This is input for the developers from which you and i might eventually profit.

    1. Yes A ‘wrapper’ for any obscure app (like the seemingly abandoned and from the net dissAPPeared ‘s-mashine’ (correct spelling).

  7. Genome sequencer, because I want to be able to:
    – start recording audio via the Audiobus panel without leaving Genome
    – quick-switch to my synth and recorder apps from Genome using the Audiobus panel
    – start and stop Genome remotely using the Audiobus panel

  8. Here’s my top ones, some of which have been mentioned by others:

    iPolysix, Animoog, MusicStudio, Figure, iELECTRIBE, csGrain, and Auria.

  9. For me I would say Samlr, CS Grain, Borderlands I Grand Piano, Bloom and Gesturement

    I would love ot be able to keep grains from the grainsynths looping in sync in loopy and add in layer on layer or alternativly I cant wait to see one of these grain synths be able to take input from either live audio in or from something like a I Grand Piano in realtime.

  10. Most important for me:Beatmaker 2,iPolysix,Addictive Synth,Animoog,Fingebassline,DM1 and Garbageband.although i’m sure we wouldn’t see this in GB in the next 12 months.If ever 🙂

  11. Auria, BM2, Animoog, Samplr, Addictive, PPG, iMS20, TC-11…

    Hell, I’m just glad to have a hard release date !! Woooohooo

  12. well, from the lists here, maybe I blew my drum machine budget on the wrong app, but Molten works great for me even though no one else mentions it here… so I would add in one vote for Molten Drums

  13. Beatmaker 2 – output, filatron – effects, and samplr – input. GarageBand for input and output would be a huge surprise.

    1. ie heard apple are developing something for ios music themselves. something big. so hopefully they’ll come to the party.

      1. That will be ios6 only, if and when.
        Since im using ifile extensively to shuttle files from my octatrack to my ipad and back, i wont get ios6 until it has a file system or gets jailbroken.

  14. As much as I want to see all of these apps receive support for audiobus I just don’t see Korg ever even looking at it and Native Instruments probably won’t either

    1. Korg, whose apps you can’t even put in the background without having to restart them?
      I agree, wouldn’t hold your breath for them to support it….

  15. Animoog, DM1, Impaktor, Garageband, Figure, Werkbench, Beatmaker2, though I’ve already downloaded a couple of the apps on the initial list so I can start using this when it comes out!

  16. beatmaker 2
    sun vox
    Sonoma fourtrack
    sir sampleton
    Ipolysix and all the other korg apps.

    and I agree the filtratron from moog would finally be useful with this!

  17. Cassini
    Sunrizer iPhone version
    Garage Band
    Addictive synth
    Moog Filtatron is an awesome filter! That would be superb effect!!!
    Sample Tank
    Nano Studio IF we could get audio tracks
    …perhaps Sunvox….idk…

  18. DM1 is at the top of my list. I absolutely love that app but find it incredibly frustrating not being able to sync to (most) of my other apps or external hardware. Yes it has Wist but it really needs to be able to sync to incoming MIDI clock and also be able to output MIDI clock. This would make DM1 so much more useful.

  19. Korg apps – having an input to the iMS-20 would also be nice.
    Space Sampler
    Moog apps
    Would love to see NanoStudio but it wouldn’t be that useful unless blip added audio tracks and midi output.

  20. Glitchbreaks,animoog,Triqtraq,samplr,borderlands,ielectribe,ikaosilator,figure,dm1,ims20,rebirth,feed…..oh did I mention glitchbreaks 😉

  21. are they asking for particular companies or particular apps? If they are asking for companies, that means a lot more apps would get support.

  22. Hi,

    These are the ones I’d like 🙂 :-

    . Beatmaker 2, GarageBand, Auria
    . Korg’s apps – iElectribe, iMS-20, iPolysix, iKaosillator
    . 4Pockets’ apps, especially – Aurora & Synergy
    . Figure, TriqTraq, Rhythm Studio
    . Samplr, Audulus, Borderlands, Animoog, Grain Science
    . Wizdom Music apps, especially – Samplewiz

    Regarding Ins & Outs – Any app that has good fx, or recording function, should be able to be used as an input. So even synths like Grain Science or Samplewiz could be used as inputs. HST, pretty much all the apps I’ve listed have at least some useful fx, it’s just whether it can be implemented 🙂

    Thanks for reading, & all the best <3

  23. So far (not entirely accurate):

    14 votes: DM1
    12: Filtatron
    11: BM2, Animoog
    10: Addictive
    9: Magellan, IMS-20
    8: Nano Studio
    7: Cassini
    5: iElextribe, iPolysix, Impaktor, Garageband, Auria, Sampr, Figure
    4: PPG
    3: Artic Keys, Borderlands, CS Grain, iKaosillator, Sunvox
    2: Crystal, Jasuto, TC-11, Triqtraq, Sampletank, Werbench, Sunvox
    1: Tabletop, iMachine, DXi, Meteor, TNR-1, DROM, Noisemusick, Grain Science, Genome, Music Studio, Grand Piano, Bloom, Gesturement, Fingerbassline, Molten, Sonoma Fourtrack, Sir Sampleton, Sunrizer, Space Sampler, Audulus, Glitchbreaks, Rebirth, iTablaPro and one or two unknowns.

    The Correct Answer (according to me, that is): Filtatron, Magellan, DM1, Animoog, BM2, Genome, Sampletank, Molten, Wekbench (awesome!), Sunvox, iKaossilator (might fix what’s wrong with this app!) and Sunrizer–not in any particular order.

  24. Another vote for Molten and one for bs16i

    Plus I’d like someone to produce a really small app to channel midi to various apps.

  25. My shortlist:

    Addictive synth, input
    Samplr, input, effect slot, and output
    CS Grain, input, effect slot
    DM1, input, effect slot
    djay, input, effect slot, (output, too?)

    1. Djay is an interesting idea I had not thought of…I was never able to use the bridge but some of that functionality could be emulated in iOS world via audiobus, maybe?

      I would also like to use vocalive…as effects or input, I’m not sure.

  26. Animoog, Filtatron, iMS20, iPolysix, iKaossilator, Alchemy, Magellan, Morphwiz, Samplewiz, TC-11, Cassini, DXi, Addictive Synth, Arctic Keys, Grain Science, Borderlands, Figure, iMaschine, bs-16i, DM1, Impaktor, Sample Tank, Samplr, NanoStudio, studio.HD

    1. Audulus is a disapointment for being ios6 only, and for being an underperformer as a modular system. Rather bring in tweakybeat, thats much more deserving of attention.

  27. Audiobus is just gonna keep getting better after release as more apps hop on board.

    I would like to see:

    Good luck and thanks for the hard work Audiobus developers.

  28. Alchemy, Magellan, GrainScience, iDensity, iPulsaret, Animoog, Filtatron, Auria, Meteor, MusicStudio, NanoStudio, Arctic Keys, SampleTank, Audulus, SynthX, TC-11….. It’s too hard to choose, hopefully all apps will include AudioBus eventually 😉

  29. Apps I would like to see support it :
    Bebot (unlikely, but who knows)
    Garageband (just to record other apps)
    PPG Wavegenerator
    Sunrizer (ipad and XS)

    Thats like 80% of the music apps I own heh, think the rest I just dont use much, or are midi controllers.

    1. Totally agree about wanting to record into Garageband. Rather than wait, I just bought MultiTrack DAW for $10 based on the Audiobus video.

      1. I was going to do that, but this month I am down to $2 .86 in my account and $8.10 on iTunes (which will be spend on audiobus) 🙂

  30. Animoog
    BeatMaker 2
    Garage Band
    Glitch Machine

  31. My favorites have already been listed, but here I’ll give votes for my favorites: Magellan, Cassini, Molten, BM2.

    Also love the suggestion of Genome. Yes, it’s a MIDI sequencer, not a audio source or sink, but having the Audiobus controls pop up to start/stop/modify other apps from Genome would be very cool.

    Also would like a very simple mixer, which I haven’t seen. I use Amplitube when practicing my bass, and right now if I want to play along with a tune, Amplitube has to import it as a wav and play it, which is ridiculous. I think JamUp Pro is similar. I want to have my bass as a source (30-pin USB or mic/iRig running into Amplitube), iTunes as a second source, and the combination mixed and sent to stereo out.

    Also, I use AudioTools, which us a rather expensive frequency analyzer useful for acoustic analysis. Would be cool to plumb synths to it.

  32. Audulus because it’s such a simple way to make your own effect patches as well as sounds, so it can be used with Audiobus in both ways.
    Wave generator
    For synth sounds, and
    Garage band
    For recording

  33. Auria, Garage Band, iKaossilator, iMaschine, Alchemy, iMS-20, Mixtikl, Thumbjam, Drumjam,triqtraq, NanoStudio, Figure, WerkBench, Boarderlands, Changeling, Impaktor, Gestrument, Samplr

  34. Would be good to see some dedicated vocal and guitar/line in apps to feed into the fx processors already planned, seems to have been forgotten so far…

    Apart from that, Alchemy and more DAW’s would be top of my wishlist, but top would be Nanostudio, however i don’t think this would on Blip’s project list.
    I can dream 🙂

  35. I agree with the vast majority of the commenters about Auria (output), Korg apps (I want to see the iMS-20 patch section available as an effect), SampleTank (input) and pretty much all the usable synths like Animoog, Magellan, Cassini, DXi, Wavegenerator, Alchemy, Addictive, Artic, etc.

    But, the ones I really want to push for Audiobus implementation are the voice apps/fx out there, namely improVox, Harmony Voice, csGrain, Filtratron…I’m really interested for those to be included in the next batch.

    In the meantime, we’ll just enjoy the possibilities with the first batch.

  36. Wow, it has been a long time since I have seen the boards as on fire as this. 93 comments and growing !!! maybe Korg could do to give this a look over before they “re-announce” a microkorg in yet another colour !!

    It really IS the best time so far for any IOS nay-sayers to open their minds to the reality thar IOS music making HAS come of age and is were some of the most innovative musical instrument and interface work is being done today.

    I really hope the Tasty Pixel team all take a huge amount of pride and encouragement from the response to their product, it really does deserve to fly of the virtual shelves.

  37. Yep. ALL of those please… Another vote for the voice apps, Harmony Voice, Improvox, Voice Synth.
    More guitar choice…Amplitube, Ampkit.
    A couple not mentioned yet… Triqtraq, Argon, Morphwiz.


    More than anything, I just want to see it on my device working, people giving Michael and Sebastian, room to breathe even if it has a few teething problems, what they’re bringing to the table is so exciting and they deserve huge credit for keeping us all informed across its development stages.

    What Im looking forward to are all those future mornings, getting notifications of Apps released with their Audiobus update…. Those are gonna be some smiley days!

    How many user videos will be posted on Nov 10th do you think?

    And…who’s gonna be first?

    5 days.

  38. Samplr
    Beatmaker 2
    Borderlands Granular

    PS Loving that this Audiobus list is also pulling double duty of as a compilation of other worthy music apps to check out!

  39. Throw in a couple more votes for Impaktor and AmpKit. Audiobus is the tipping point that has convinced me to upgrade my original iPad to a 3.

  40. To be honest all my wishes are listed above, what I am excited is that all new developers and old shall look at the popularity and ask for the sdk so implementation will be from the off.
    All I can say is the possibilities are endless and excitement is brimming from me to pay and play and so look forward to the future development even if they take the Moog direction and make the future upgrades IAP’s, Devs need to earn money as well and if it funds future development then why complain.

  41. Samplr, Borderlands, Drom AND Audulus because don’t have Audio Copy Paste…
    iPulsaret, iDensity, Maga Curtis, Loop Mash and NodeBeat because I like it…

  42. Animoog
    Addictive Synth
    Voice Synth
    Rhythm Studio
    Sample Lab
    Invisible Drum

      1. Sampletank its awesome and huge but has limited recording ability
        Alchemy Granular synthesis at its best but, sadly, no real composition tools
        Garageband for the instrument interface. has limited interapp features

  43. apart from the ones wich have alreday been listed above,
    what about things like “studiotrack” or “fourtrack” from sonoma wireworks to record into..??!
    -Filtatron -> nobrainer!

  44. As well as adding AudioBus to lots of existing programs, I’d like to see current synth programs recast in simpler forms, because they could all act like plugins to each other and not need to all the work themselves. Then a few really off the wall additions could leverage the power of mixing slicing and dicing.

    Here’s where I’d simply say, I want all of MY more modern apps to support it.
    Droneo, Tondo, Ellipsynth, synthicity itself, Enumero, and the ones that aren’t in the App Store yet.

  45. + loopseque, isequence, technobox, rebirth, synergy, figure, tnr-i, synth&dr pad, bassline, nodebeat, electrobeat, werkbench…
    Actually, all ipad music apps lol

  46. IFiles or similar file manager app. Central place for audio tracks. Get and put audio in lots of different cloud accounts. Email, bluetooth, ftp and more. Get and put audio into a audiobus app.

  47. Yes all above mainly synths & beat making apps with effect filters, I def want all them but I also want some traditional sounds, so I’d add SampleTank & iGrand piano.
    Also I know it’s in FAQ on official site but vst implementation on my DAW 🙂

  48. Polychord is a must! Also sampletank, iKaossilator, Amplitube, Ampkit, Fourtrack… and I’m glad to hear that the Moog apps and Beatmaker2 are in the works already.

  49. I second the NodeBeat nomination above, as well as many of the synths above, most notably, AniMoog, Magellan, Alchemy, and Korg’s new & awesome iPolySix.

    I’d like to nominate the Wizdom Music apps from Jordan Rudess & company, especially the most used and popular: SampleWiz, MorphWiz & GeoSynth, but also, my personal favorite generative music app, SpaceWiz. Oh, also Tachyon, which has very cool UI and would be great in the Audiobus chain.

    I would like to see more generative music apps get on board. I like a little fun chaos with my control (would you believe… A lot?). Randomness is a good thing for creativity! Apps like Music Ball, K235, eDrop, and the aforementioned NodeBeat.

    Maybe Hokusai for editing audio.

    Although I don’t yet have it, as someone stated above, Moog’s Filtatron, seems like a nobrainer.

    Of course, GarageBand. That should go without saying.

    And if any if the Mellotron apps, Mellotronics M3000, Manetron Mk II, and/or Ellatron HD, ever update (not holding my breath), it would be awesome to have AudioBus support there.

    And thanks again to Sebastion and Michael for working on this vision and making it a dream come true, for them, and for so many of us.

  50. I echo previous requests for Garageband and Sampletank to add Audiobus support…I suppose I’d like to see Polychord, DM1, Studiotrack, Manetron, Mellotronics 3000, and especially bs-16i, a fantastic sound font player!

  51. My 10 Most Wanted:

    1. Korg Apps (iElec, iMS-20, iPoly, iKaoss)
    2. Samplr
    3. Beatmaker 2
    4. Moog Apps (Animoog, Filtatron)
    5. Cassini Synth (maybe Argon and Xenon too???)
    6. Tweakybeat
    7. Propellerhead Apps (Figure, ReBirth)
    8. Tabletop
    9. Audulus
    10. DM1

  52. Sunvox, Korg, VirSyn, Wizdom Music, Wooji Juice, IK Multimedia, Yonac Inc., Kymatica, BeepStreet, The Strange Agency LLC, WerkBench, and Uphase+

    I think The Strange Agency apps would be fantastic filters.

    MIDI genome MIDI, Changeling, NodeBeat HD, Cantor
    There should be a move to develop an audiobus midi protocol so all of the apps can play nicely with each other and standardize their setup rather than continue to have the current hodge podge. Being able to sync BPM, play, record, control of midi channels, etc…

  53. The following would be great!

    Grain Science
    Addictive Synth
    Arctic Keys

  54. Samplr (input, effect, output) would be awesome since there is no current project output.
    Impaktor (input & effect) would be amazing as an effect with any drum app or sequencer
    NanoStudio (input, effect, output)
    Borderlands (input)
    Drom (input) unusual little app with wierd a$$ sounds
    NoiseMusick (input) wierd a$$ sounds here too
    PocketGK (input) since it is the only amp simulator dedicated to the bass guitar
    DM1 (input)
    iMPC (input)

  55. Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr, Impaktor, Samplr,

  56. Beatmaker2 looking forward to that coming on-stream and I’ll give a shout out for addictive synth. Synth x I love but can see why it might not make the next tranche with my top two in play I’ll be as happy as a pocket in the mire .

  57. Everybody is waiting for Auria on the bus, and so am I 🙂


    – Filtatron (still anxiously waiting, it was said it would come around soon)
    – TC-11
    – Impaktor
    – Addictive Synth
    – DM1
    – iMPC
    – Voice Synth
    – Cassini
    – iPulsaret / iDensity

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