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  1. Offhand, i’d say it’s creating templates and mappings from within the app instead of just through the Lemur software.

  2. I’m sad to say, that it became a cheap gimmick when the legacy Lemur died… and the sale to Liine happened.

    I have two legacy Lemurs that I have been using with Ableton live for my Live PA for a couple of years now. The Lemur and the Lemur APP are different animals. I used my iPad at home a couple of times and had latency, hook up and other issues that I never had with the legacy Lemurs… plus the screen is too small.

    I also want to add that my Lemurs are now part of my studio work… I have an Elektron Octatrack now and I’ll soon be getting a Machinedrum my days of laptop PA are over.

    1. Glad you’ve got an awesome setup!

      For you, the Lemur app might be a ‘cheap gimmick’. For the rest of us, though, it’s a $50 app that replaces a $2500 piece of hardware. And it’s affordable enough to be a viable, maturing platform. All good things.

      On the latency issue, were you trying to connect wirelessly over a home network?

      1. I used both wireless and iConnectMIDI… Ethernet is just faster.

        and I get what you’re saying… the hardware is expensive I paid just over $3,000.00 for both online but with the 50.00 dollar APP you still need a 400.00 dollar iPad (and some guys use 3 or more of them)
        Also personally I feel the resolution/ size combination of the iPad is great for movies, but not for Lemur templates. You would have to see them side by side and try both to see… or maybe I’m spoilled because I have done that.

        If an iPad Pro with a 17 to 24 inch screen came out, with a USB 3.0 or Thunderbolt connection … that would make a difference to me.

        1. … and don’t forget the 400$ ipad is only good for 2 years before Apple makes its obsolete. You will be required to purchase a new one if you want to keep up.

          (I’m an ipad 1 owner who got shafted by Apple’s decision to make IOS6 incompatible with the ipad 1 only two years after its been released)

          1. and please do tell what significant features are you missing by not having the new ios.
            shafted? you can use all of the synths, samplers or whatever. quit exaggerating.
            i am not an apple fan but this ios drama shit is starting to piss me off.

            1. Its true, I can still use it, but I have to make sure that no app ever get updated again, ever.

              Because, I guess you are not aware of this fact, when apps are updated for IOS6, they don’t work anymore in previous versions of IOS.

              And new apps that will be released will be unavailable for my ipad. Audiobus for example? It sure looks really nice, but it will never be able to try it unless I buy a new ipad, and this will happen every two years.

              Its not drama, its just facts. I think its a shame that Apple doesn’t want ipad1 users to keep buying apps in their store.

              1. saying you got shafted is the definition of drama as is the whole of your post.
                your last statements also dont make sense to me aswell:
                1.if an app requires an ios6 and you dont have it, the app cant update. plain and simple. it all still works. correct me if i am wrong tho.
                2. it is in interest to both apple and the devs to have the apps available to the broadest market. nobody is sitting in a boardroom saying “lets fuck over those ipad 1 suckers”. the motivation to buy new gens is supplied by other methods.
                3. you dont know really if the apps will be certainly unavailable on the earlier gens. could be, but no one really knows for sure. so again its just spouting rubbish and bitching for the sake of bitching.

              2. Huh?

                Developers decide what to support, not Apple.

                I get plenty of new apps for my iPad 1, still. But it would be stupid if developers didn’t take advantage of the power of the new ipads, they’re like four times as fast as the iPad 1.

              3. @Deck Lazer

                Answers to your questions:
                1. Apps released before IOS6 will get updated if I allow it, once they are updated Itunes will tell me my ipad is not supported by these apps and then they are deleted from my ipad. I have also purchased apps from Apple store which said the ipad1 was supported, but they would not install because I don’t have IOS6.
                2. Most devs want to support the broadest amount of devices, but they have to use Apple’s framework, and Apple doesn’t keep legacy support in their framework, which is why most apps made for earlier versions of IOS were broken with newest IOS versions. Devs have to update their app on every IOS update to make sure it still works, and when they do, sometimes they have to abandon the older framework, and then the updated app does not work in older IOS anymore.
                3. That is the problem, no one really knows for sure. What I liked at first with Apple is that it was simple : everything worked. Now I have to make a research to make sure the apps I purchase will work, and if I can update a certain app. Not everything works anymore. The problem is the ipad1 does not exist for Apple anymore, its a thing of the past for them, even though its only a little over 2 years old.

            2. “i am not an apple fan but this ios drama shit is starting to piss me off”

              you kinda sound like one dude.

              I just wanted add here… Apple really gets a hard on when people buy new iPads, Macbook Pros and so on… not so much apps.

              1. trust me, please, apple can suck a cock. i have gone through hell because of their unreliable hardware. fuck them. but let´s try and have a tiny bit of objectivity. all tech gets older faster by the day.

                btw i think – not sure on this – but i think that the revenue in apps is even bigger than in hardware. but i am speculating here as you are.

          2. Why the drama?

            iPad apps are a lot more likely to get updated than something like the hardware Lemur, which from what I understand, will always be pretty buggy.

            1. @goode,

              cant answer to the post directly odd enough.

              thanks for the info. wasn´t aware of the upgrade problem. mine did not seem to work like that.

              1. Hey no problems, maybe the word “shafted” was a little strong too, I still enjoy my ipad1 for a lot of things, I mean stuff like Mugician/Geosynth is simply an awesome playing method paradigm which I cannot find outside the IOS ecosystem.

            2. Yes apps will get updated, but they won’t work on the ipad1 once they are updated. So if an app is buggy, it will always be like that because the update won’t be available for my ipad1, I will have to buy an ipad2 to keep up.

              1. I see where you’re coming from.

                Apple tends to relentlessly move forward, which has its pros and cons.

                Microsoft does a much better job of supporting older hardware. That has its pros and cons, too. I’ve got a seven year old Pentium that runs Windows 8 fine. But it’s still a pretty sucky platform compared to OS X or iOS.

                Too bad we can’t cherry pick all the parts we like from Windows, OS X and Android, eh?

              2. It is also possible to purchase apps that will not instal or run on your hardware (iPad 1). So even though it’s not a huge thing to pay 10 bucks and not get the app, it’s a bad user experience. It’s happened to me a few times.

                And yes, it was a conscious decision on Apple’s part to block iOS6 on iPad 1, not a technical reason. iOS 6 runs on an iPhone 3GS, which has far less hardware capability than the iPad 1.

            3. @ Deck

              I am speculating too…

              But Apple makes lot of money on their hardware and keeps it all… and a small piece of the app sales

              and it’s up to app creators to keep up and update with their OS and hardware changes. Once someone buys a new iPad.. they must then get the new apps (which Apple again makes money, unless it’s a free update. but then again… it “cost” Apple nothing.

              I’ve also had headaches with Apple I went back to Windows when they dropped firewire off their 15″ macbook pro.

              now I have a Lenovo T420s with usb 3.0 and a firewire PCI expresscard (I do have to use the power adapter) and a docking station that has every other connection I use including a SATA connection.

              1. >But Apple makes lot of money on their hardware and keeps it all… and a
                >small piece of the app sales

                Do the math and it’s surprising. Sell one iPhone and make a few hundred dollars profit. I think the phones are around $600 each, and are subsidized through the phone contract and such, but apple is still clearing a nice profit. But only once. Then let just one developer sell an app at $1, for which Apple takes 30 cents. If that app sells only 1,000 copies Apple has made about the same again as they have on the phone hardware. But more realistically many apps will sell in the tens or hundreds of thousands. It doesn’t take too many of those to equal a whole lot of hardware sales.

                Now if you bake in a planned obsolescence cycle of about 3 years you have a regenerative cash machine, and consumers will accept this as normal because they’ve already been duped for decades into believing that they need new stuff all the time.

        2. What else can you do with the Lemur hardware? Can you run fantastic music apps like Borderlands (granular software) or Samplr or Touchable or TouchOSC or LoopHD? Can you run Kindle on it? Can you watch movies on it? Can you etc. etc.?

          That’s what I thought. The “you have to buy the $400 hardware” (the iPad Mini is $329 btw) doesn’t hold water unless you suggest people buy the iPad just to run Lemur, which, of course, they don’t.

    2. so… there are some issues with connecting (which i havent experienced) it and the ipad screen is too small. …and that renders the whole system a gimmick. wonderful logic there really.

      you got two real lemurs and paid alot of money for it. we get it.

      1. Jealous? Is it wrong to have something expensive and like it better than something else? Is it wrong to like something that does a much better job than the ipad?

        Yeah we get it, you love the ipad, but I too feel the screen is too small.

        1. my dear man i really could not care less what someone else buy or uses.
          also ipad is not the second coming. it´s not even a fetish. i do not love it.
          i use it.

          i was making a point about discarding the ported software as a gimmick just like that.
          it´s not fair or true. so my righteous ass reflex kicks in.

          1. @ Deck

            “my dear man i really could not care less what someone else buy or uses”

            then why did you say “you got two real lemurs and paid alot of money for it. we get it”

            I never said or implied that the Legacy Lemur was better because it cost more. I wish they cost 600.00 for the two of them. or better yet… I’ve wished I had the knowledge to build my own interface and write my own software.

            as far as the gimmick part… with Lemur you had a hardware and software combination going on… once Jazzmutant stopped making the Lemur and sold the software to Liine

            to me, I say to me… it felt like Apple stopped making it’s hardware and then sold it’s OS to run as an APP on Windows machines.

            BTW many people in the Lemur community were angry that once the Jazzmutant “experiment” ended they did not make Lemur “open Source” but instead sold it to Liine… but that’s another story.

            1. it seemed to me that your entire point was what you had.
              i just find lemur on ios far, far from a gimmick. infact maybe the most useful app on ios. (not perfect mind)
              i am reading you posts a few times and still cant really find an argument to support the “gimmick critique”. it just seemed the usual: “it´s available for the masses, hence its crap”.
              no offense meant to anyone and btw – what are u using to control the octatrack and does it work well?

              1. @ Deck

                “it´s available for the masses, hence its crap”
                this is.. most of the true!
                ever watched Soylent Green : )

                joking aside it’s not what I was implying. however…
                If Liine had purchased Lemur and then sold it as 15″ or a 17″ multitouch screen of around 1440 x 900 res. (with a USB 3.0 connection) and a multi-platform software (at least Mac /Windows) for say for say… 500 to 600 dollars, and had proper customer support… then I would have said, yes! and bravo!

                The Octatrack controls itself, it has a built it sequencer and it can sequence other synths, play one shot samples, loops, route audio… it’s a great box! it has too much going on to get into here. I love it. it’s changed my sound, thinking and creative flow already and I’ve only had it for a couple of months.

  3. Love the lemur app. I can only use a small portion of its potential right now , and I think that’s about to change. Easier physics implementation through some type of pre baked modules, all done ON THE IPAD? Want.

  4. it would be great if the connection to Mac & Daws was simplified ! Even connection via USB would do for me.
    Because it’s so complicated to set and start, that it takes alll the fun away.

  5. I am fine with TouchOSC since I learnt a bit of Puredata. Remote scripting yes, but you cant scape from the computeripad chain when it is a MIDI control surface app, then remote script is fine

  6. so it isn’t a free update for the owners of the recent version? that would literally piss me off. please tell me i don’t have to pay an other 50euros or something for the new one….

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