Special Deal On Meeblip SE Synthesizer Through Dec 7th

If you’ve been considering getting a Meeblip SE synthesizer – the updated version of the hackable, open source monophonic synth – now might be a good time do it.

The developers are offering Synthtopia readers $20 off the $149.95 price of the new ‘retro edition’ Meeblip SE. To get the discount, enter the word ‘synthtopia’ as the Discount Code when you check out at their site.

If you’re not familiar with the Meeblip SE, its an open-hardware synth, created by engineer James Grahame and Create Digital Music’s Peter Kirn.

Here’s an audio demo of the Meeblip SE in action:


  • Monophonic virtual analog synth. Just add a keyboard (or other MIDI input) and play.
  • 32 user-programmable patch memories.
  • Eight knobs and sixteen slide switches, for hands-on control with the immediacy of a classic monosynth.
  • Tasty digital synth sounds.
  • Use it as-is, or use the source code to remap controls or redefine the instrument’s architecture and control assignments.
  • 8-bit digital brain; full 16-bit sound.
  • MIDI input with MIDI CC control of all parameters.
  • 4-pole active low-pass / high-pass antialising filter.
  • Open source hardware.

If you’ve used the Meeblip SE, let us know what you think of it!

Update: US & Canadian orders only, per the comments. : (

15 thoughts on “Special Deal On Meeblip SE Synthesizer Through Dec 7th

  1. Yup agree, it’s a great synth for learning, experimenting and serious playing. Don’t let the relatively cheap price tag fool you, this thing has teeth!

  2. Oh the discount is only for US and Canadian orders 🙁
    You have readership in Europe too ^_^
    I’m seriously considering ordering one anyway, this beast looks nice and might be a nice expansion to my monotribe, now that I have midi on it!

    1. We haven’t forgotten Europe! We recently air couriered a batch of MeeBlips to Berlin. That means cheaper and faster shipping throughout the EU, no annoying import fees and a very nice new power adapter which includes plugs for both the Continent & UK.

  3. As usual, I just ordered one last week at full price. Oh well – I still can’t wait to get my hands on it!
    I suppose I can recoup a bit by getting a deal on Numerology.

  4. I have two meeblips, the original and the Se. Stack them on the same midi channel and forget about it. These are worth every penny.

  5. WOAH!!!! that is my video! that is awesome that they are using it to show the product, there is also a second video i made better than that one i think that shows other sounds. there is a link in the description.

  6. ohe yeah this new black edition does have a great look. I use my grey SE a lot, actually. really usefull for simple digital waveforms or just any other digital madness. great for experiencing with a complex fx chain.

  7. Dang. They nearly had me when it was announced but I decided not too. Plenty of toys already but then I was going to jump in when I saw this deal but no love to Australia. Bugger.

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