Usine Hollyhock Preview – A New Modular Audio Environment For Mac & Windows

Sensomusic has announced Usine Hollyhock, a new modular audio environment for Mac & Windows.

Hollyhock is built on the foundation of Sensomusic’s Usine, but it has been totally rewritten, with a new audio engine, new interface, new MIDI management and more. It’s under development and due for release in early 2013.

Key Features:

  • New interface
  • Rack – audio, MIDI in/out, and data devices (cameras, joysticks, WIIMote) are now panels/objects in Hollyhock
  • Drag & drop device routing
  • A device is also a patch (use double click), so you can add, for example, a midi chanel filter for a midi input device or a specific effect for an audio output device.
  • New record option – Lets you records individually, values, position or movement for all visible design modules. You can quantize this recording.
  • New physics engine
  • Support for VST & AU plugins
  • Video support
  • Interface customization
  • Module improvements

Here’s a video playlist that highlights the new features:

Public beta versions will be available at the beginning of 2013. See the Sensomusic site for details.

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9 thoughts on “Usine Hollyhock Preview – A New Modular Audio Environment For Mac & Windows

  1. Do they ship a touchscreen with the product? I have a couple of Windows machines and Macs and none of them have a touchscreen like you see in the demo videos.

  2. Is this like Max for Live? It kinda looks like Max and like Plogue Bidule a little. Does anyone use this and can say how good it is? Or how it’s the same or different?

    1. I use it and its great. It is like Max/Synthedit/Synthmaker/Flowstone/etc in that its a visual programing language. One version of it will export Vst’s so it is one of the few. Since Max doesn’t export Vst’s anymore and Reaktor requires a proprietary player that leaves Flowstone Synthedit and Usine. You can customize UIs better with Flowstone and Synthedit but Usine has touch.

    2. To be honest I would buy this first Flowstone Then Synthedit and finally third Usine. You could be building and distributing Vst’s very easily with this grouping of products. For just music production Usine is a better choice.

      Flowstone/Synthmaker is great for small synth building and stuff like compressors Eqs and reverbs it is cpu intensive.

      Synthmaker has the best midi functionality and is better then Flowstone/Synthmaker for sample based vsts.

      Max has great midi timing but doesn’t do Vst’s.

      Reaktor has nice granular stuff but a propritary player if you want to distribute your stuff.

      Here is a free enviroment that not many people have heard for those without money.

      Plogue is great but no distribution method

      Audiomulch is also like plogue. …………. and there are others also.

  3. I’ll definitely pre order once the osx beta is available. Very excited to use this with the IAC bus and network MIDI with iOS.

    Unfortunately, I’ve been burned too many times by other companies pre ording for future support that never happens.

  4. I tried Usine right before my pc died and I got a Macbook, it was a lot of fun, and my gateway program into several years with Plogue Bidule. Will definitely try this out; it looks like, for me, it would address the biggest weakness of Bidule – the interface – along with the biggest weakness of Ableton – not being modular.

    1. the interface of patches you make in Bidule, that is. Easy program, tricky GUI setup that I’m sure they’ll change before it gets to 1.0…

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