More Apps Taking A Ride On The Audiobus

Audiobus – the much-anticipated system for routing audio between iOS applications – is scheduled to be released Monday, December 10th, with support from about a dozen apps. Given the huge number of iOS music apps now available, that means that some of your favorites aren’t on the list of Audiobus-compatible apps.

More apps, though, should be getting Audiobus support soon:

  • Developer Taylor Holliday has announced Audiobus support in his mobile modular app, Audulus;
  • Wolfgang Palm has teased Audiobus support in PPG Wavegenerator;
  • Palm Sounds reports that Glitchbreaks will soon be getting Audiobus support;
  • Intua is working on Audiobus support for Beatmaker 2;
  • Developer Paul Slocum has released an update to sir Sampleton with Audiobus support;
  • Yonac is bringing Audibus to Magellan; and
  • One Red Dog has Audiobus support to Arctic Pro.

This is still scratching the surface. When we asked readers what apps should add Audibus next, there were more than a hundred responses. That level of interest, combined with the steady stream of announcements from developers, suggest that there will soon be dozens of compatible apps available.

11 thoughts on “More Apps Taking A Ride On The Audiobus

  1. I’ve got Audiobus running in MIDI Control already, and I should have it into Voxkit and Audio MIDI Connect in the next few days. A Live Guitar update is in the works too, and we’ve got other stuff on the horizon. I’ll be rolling everything out ASAP.

    Sebastian and Michael have done an outstanding job with the SDK; it took a day to get my head wrapped around how everything worked, and then dropping it in really was about a half hour. There don’t seem to be any ragged edges or gotchas. I hope they make a pile of money off of this, because they’ve earned it.

  2. @Zymos — short term, we’re catching the audio from Audiobus into WAV files, so that there’s an easy bridge to get audio into non-Audiobus apps. MIDI control lets you drive multiple apps, so you can play a bass line on one keyboard, lead on another, and do a bunch of stuff in one take. The keyboards rotate around, so two people can play different apps (and record the results) at the same time.

    Having the Audiobus controls available in MIDI control also simplifies recording — use the little panel from Audiobus to turn on recording in Multitrack DAW, and then play whatever you want using virtual MIDI. It minimizes the paging back and forth between apps. IMO, Audiobus and virtual MIDI complement each other nicely.

    Longer term — can’t talk about it yet, but we’ve got a longer term planned….

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