44 thoughts on “Want Audiobus Support In Propellerhead Figure?

  1. Uhm…uhm…are you kidding me??? Let me think about this for a while…if you have to ask you’ll never know… MAN, JUST DO IT!!!

  2. Of course we do, need you even ask..?
    Something tells me that it is integrated already and we will see it sooner than we think 😉

  3. And survey says!!!!….hell’s to the m.f’in yes!!!….figure would greatly benefit from this technology,,,, which we all agree is obvious….propellerhead knows this…..audiobus opens a lot of doors for future development of apps….especially for propellerhead…this development could be profitable if they play their cards right and develop figure not just as a mini. Scratch pad, but as a proper version of reason.

  4. Don’t want if its only a input source to generate the sound
    Definitely want if it can be used in the middle fx slot also
    There are some creative uses of the pads if it can be put in there

  5. Last time I checked Audiobus jumped to number 10 in the chart of payed apps. I think the consumer and critical response speaks for itself. And isn’t the holy imperative “the costumer is always right”? 🙂

  6. I’d rather midi out of Reason…
    ~ but seriously, this question is painfully rhetorical.

    No, i prefer inoperable thanks!

  7. This would really bring out the potential of this app by making music in a fun way and being able to also make music with other people.

  8. Definitely! Also please add a way to play songs on the browse page more like a keyboard so I can play/sequence/record sets straight from the app!!!! Thanks!!! Dang

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