Wave Alchemy Announces Transistor Revolution For Kontakt

Transistor Revolution 909

Wave Alchemy has announced Transistor Revolution – a new Kontakt re-creation of the iconic TR-808 and TR-909 drum machines.

Transistor Revolution uses a custom user interface combined with Native Instruments’ Kontakt 5’s advanced sampling engine and over 22,000 drum samples. Transistor Revolution also mirrors the design of the original (hardware) TR-808 and TR-909 front panels.

Here’s an audio demo:

To capture the sonic ‘imperfections’ inherent of analog equipment, the Wave Alchemy team used sample layering and up to 7 “random round robin” variations per drum module, to insure that the instrument never repeats the same consecutive sequence of samples.

The expected price of Transistor Revolution is £69.95 ($111.00 US), and is expected to be available before the end of the month. More info at Wave Alchemy’s website.

Compatibility: Mac/Windows compatible VST, AU and RTAS Library Size: 6GB unzipped.


10 thoughts on “Wave Alchemy Announces Transistor Revolution For Kontakt

  1. Re-creation instruments to re-create the same kind of songs….wish some one CREATES a “10101” DM for instance to create new kind of songs (and yes…I can see a lot of thumbs down…to this comment….but this is what I wish…don’t you?)

    1. I’d be fine with a recreation of Roland R-8.

      Vastly superior machine with great tweaking possibilities.
      You could create any drum fills, and control level of click/boom on kick, or snare/body for each hit.
      Create 4-5 variations on each part in a song, and you could almost imagine a drummer had been involved… (and the memory card was full if the song was any more complex than Jailhouse rock)

      The sample and memory cards were really expensive and the drum sounds were just short of great, but it wasn’t surpassed by much until EZdrummer level tech came around.

  2. i’m tired of searching for machines that can generate great kicks. i really prefer cutting a kick from a commercial song…that kick it’s processed,it’s sounds good.why bother trying all drum machines ? i like doing all by my self,i would love to play with kicks,but i think my method is better that any drum machine. i may be wrong,but i didn’t find anything that can be called a powerfull tool.

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