32 Presets For PPG Wavegenerator

Sunsine Audio has released Generation – a sound pack for PPG Wavegenerator. It features 32 presets including 5 basses, 7 leads, 5 keys, 2 arps, 9 pads, and more

20 unique wavetables have been included, and exchanging these between presets allows a large degree of tonal variation. Each preset has parameters mapped to both the horizontal and vertical keyboard control for expressive performance opportunities.

*Requirements: Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 5.1 or later and PPG Wavegenerator.*


  • 32 Presets in 1 .bin file
  • 20 WaveTables in .wts files
  • Full horizontal and vertical key modulation support.
  • Easy Installation Instructions

Generation is priced at $1.49 and is available at the Sunsine Audio site. A preview pack is also available.

7 thoughts on “32 Presets For PPG Wavegenerator

  1. These are good guys. I don’t have the PPG presets, yet, so i can’t say specifically to these, but their other presets are top notch. highly recommend!

  2. I bought these a few minutes after they came out. When they’re installed, they won’t make PPGWG sound like a new synth, but it will bring out what’s best in the engine. The pads are especially good, and make good use of the expression controls.

  3. For the first time in my experience, the patches I have modified or created from scratch with PPG sound better than the factory defaults or any other patches I’ve heard (In my very subjective opinion). I could claim it is due to genius, but it was really just a combination of an excellent synth and my own dumb luck. Sunshine patches are worth more than they charge. Even if you only like one out of the whole bundle, you’ve gotten a good deal, and chances are you’ll like more than that. I have found their patches to be good as is, but they also make great starting points for your own patches, especially if you don’t have a firm grasp on what the parameters in a synth actually do. That makes them an excellent learning tool as well.

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