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Reader Michael Dennis Raleigh put together these demo/tutorial videos for the Radikal Technologies Spectralis synthesizer.

“I’m a big fan of Synthtopia, been reading your articles for a while,” notes Raleigh. “I created some tutorials and some music using it and thought other synth-heads might enjoy something different!”

Check it out:

He notes:

In this video, I used only one oscillator (out of 4), one bass drum sample, one snare sample, and some filterbank sequencerlines. All of this could be easily done using the Spectralis mk1, as well as the mk2.

Need to create the drum sound? Follow the instructions at the website below, and route sound to the MM filter (instead of bypassing filters):

I did not add any compressors, filters, or modify the sound in any way. The sum out was used and went directly into my soundcard, and into garageband. The final mix was done using iMovie. The camera used was the GR-HD1, in HD.

In this video, he looks at beatmaking and filter routing:

He has more Spectralis videos on his YouTube channel.

16 thoughts on “Radikal Spectralis Demo

  1. Found something interesting in the about section for synthtopia:
    About Synthtopia
    Synthtopia is a portal devoted to electronic music.

  2. I considered this device once, but wasnt sure if this was just a high end electribe or equal counterpart to a DSI Tempest. From all the videos Ive seen, the workflow seems to be its low point but the sound itself sounds really good. That being said, I was on the fence with this.. Until I saw the price… Tempest being around 2k is pretty expensive but the workflow was geared towards being to able to tweak it without multiple steps. Even the guy who invented it did a tech demo which had him confused the whole time… If they can get it down to 500$ Id get one. 2700$ is just WAY too much.

  3. I think $500 is optimistic on your part, but yeah, $2700 is *very* optimistic on their part for essentially a nice VST with a good hardware wrapper around it. If I wanted a crazy-expensive drum machine, I’d go analog with either Tempest or Metsonix.

    1. Sorry to disappoint, but the Tempest seemed underwhelming every time i tested it, audio quality-wise. I encountered substantial distortion in the bass. On two different machines. Workflow also is not a strong point… Dont know if its the analog parts contributing to the poor audio quality… But i would prefer a bunch of good vsts over the tempest anyday.

      1. I got to borrow one… and for a drum machine.. it has the best workflow I have ever seen. The LCD screen shows you a lot more than anything else out there. And having 32 kits to choose from and 32 parts and the ease of programming. Dont know how many drum machines you have tried out before but thats a really weak opinion regarding the workflow… but the sound is as you say… kinds of not all there. For Live use, Tempest is lightyears past anything out there.

        1. Tim, disregarding the danger of comparing apples and peaches, ive tried: 909, 808, 606, emx, esx, machinedrum, octatrack, mfb522, mfb503, most mpcs, and more… The tempest does have its advantages, and i understand if its your favourite. But – imho its overpriced and the workflow is totally alright if you compare it with elektron and akai gear, but not compared to korg gear or some vst/au plugs. I simply excpected it to be THE drummachine (and more), which for me, it wasnt – maybe im too dumb for it or it was an early OS. A decently priced hardware alternative still is the electribe emx, which is very usable in a live context, and delivers good quality as well.

  4. well… the spectralis has a 4 osc dsp synth with analog 24db LP filter, 2 DSP synths (32voice if i remember well), Multimode filters 12db lp/hp/bp, 10 bank filterbank, drum matrix and sequencer that goes down to 192th notes, 24 sequencerlines and an unbelieaveable amount of routing options, 10 lfos, you can use your own samples and i don’t know what else…. I guess you can use it for years and you’ll still be discovering new things.

    I doubt that there are a lot of direct competitors with this amount of features. that’s whats making it a lil complicated. Have a look at the new videos of Acemonvw on youtube and you’ll see whats possible with his basic tutorials, imagine what is possible if you dig into the machine!!!!

    This thing is more then well worth its price.

  5. Holy buckets. I honestly thought my email to Synthtopia got lost somewhere! Thanks for posting this (I can’t believe I missed this one!

    I actually recently put together a ton of (FAR MORE) useful tutorials on youtube! Those get people through the basics more properly with better walk-throughs.

    That’s awesome. Thanks so much for putting my videos up here. Synthtopia rocks! 🙂

    Thanks everyone!

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