AudioBus & iMPC On Sonic Touch

The latest episode of Sonic State’s Sonic Touch video podcast takes a look at Audiobus and iMPC.

Gaz Williams and Nick Batt take a look at the newly released AudioBus and using it to route audio between iOS applications, and then try out the new iMPC Music Production Center app for the iPad.

Note: In the video podcast, there are a couple of incorrect points to be aware of:

  • Audiobus is compatible with iOS 5
  • Multi-track recording works. It can record individual apps onto individual tracks.

via sonicstate

5 thoughts on “AudioBus & iMPC On Sonic Touch

  1. While it’s nice that Sonic Touch is covering Audiobus, they get a few things wrong:
    1. Price – 9.99 $US
    2. Audiobus only requires iOS 5
    3. MultiTrack recording does already work.
    4. All apps that are compatible with Audiobus have a buffersize of 256frames. We require that from developers so there is nothing for users to set up. The bug described where one app replays something at half the size is most likely not caused by this… because this is not how buffersizes affect things.

    Other than that, great episode, love Sonic Touch. I think they’ve even added these points to the video description but I thought I’d mention them here, too, since it can’t be seen when the video is embedded.


  2. When Akai announced retronyms was developing the MPC app, I immediately thought IAP’s. And now I understand what they did, instead of having IAP’s in iMPC, they just didn’t include midi, forcing you to use tabletop, where some people may like it and purchase stuff. I doubt they will ever add midi either. I actually purchased tabletop before it went free 😛

  3. I was going to get the tabletop upgrade, but it costs almost as much as auria or cubasis. Both of these will support audiobus in the near future so I’m going to wait and see what happenes.

  4. Always great to watch your reviews. It allows us to get a better idea of what is vaporware (or marketting if you prefer) from what actually works – or not.
    There are a lot of great stuff coming out these days, including many apps now supporting audiobus. I would really like if you could review Cubasis, and give us your impressions. I read a few reviews, and I would like to get a “reality check” about it from you guys – specially considering its price tag.

    Keep on the good work – it realy is one of the very few youtube stuff I find worthwhile to check.

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