Moog Animoog 2 Brings Audiobus, Audiocopy, Double-Tap Action & Grateful Dead Expansion Pack

animoog-moog-synth-ipadMoog today released a major update to Animoog – its software synthesizer for the iPad.

The update adds user-requested features, including Audiobus support, Audiocopy & Audiopaste, Accelerometer as a Mod Source and more. With this release, Moog has also added a couple in-app options, including a four track recorder and a Grateful Dead Expansion Pack.

Here’s what’s new in Animoog 2:

  • Scale Lock
  • Note Hold Function
  • Battery Indicator
  • Accelerometer as a Mod Source
  • Audiobus Compatibility
  • :Load/Save MIDI CC maps
  • Sonoma Audiocopy/Audiopaste integration
  • Double-Tap to delete Path points

Here’s the official intro video:

Now Available in the Animoog Store:

  • New 4-Track recorder (for iPad 2 or above)- Now you can record, edit, loop, import from iTunes and export to Soundcloud all from within the Animoog world.
  • Grateful Dead Expansion Pack- An incredible new Timbre/Preset pack created from a live performance by the Grateful Dead at the Carousel Ballroom on 2/14/68

Animoog 2 is available now in the App Store.

If you’ve used Animoog 2, let us know what you think of it!

59 thoughts on “Moog Animoog 2 Brings Audiobus, Audiocopy, Double-Tap Action & Grateful Dead Expansion Pack

  1. Bought the GD pack, and it is actually pretty cool.
    Word has it that 4 track recorder is working for free, so don’t spend your $$ on it.

    1. Can I ask where you got the GD expansion pack? I assumed it would be available from the ‘in store’ option within the software, but it’s not (even though I’ve done the update).

      1. Beats me, it was there as an IAP this morning, now that and the 4 track recorder are both missing. I know why the 4 track is gone, but the other….?

    1. Moog have updated the iTunes description for the 4 Track IAP with the following:

      As a gift to Animoog users, the 4-Track recorder is completely free through Dec 31, 2012.

        1. i just got it which came as a surprise. it popped in the menu with the update. does this mean that after 31.dec we need to pay for it? is this like a demo?

  2. The 4 Track recorder is fiendishly clever – esp. the ability to set independent loop points for each of the tracks. Being able to save and load audio projects is a very welcome upgrade.

  3. The new 4-Track recorder – WORKS on iPad 1 as well – bit glitchy but does work! Maybe some tweaks will help a bit.

    GREAT update – THANK YOU MOOG!

    I like that the presets now come up on the main screen instead of as a popup.

    More MIDI options.

    Derek Jones, Owner: MusicInclusive LLC

    1. has synthx had any sort of update in recent memory? it’s a cool synth, but i think it has more pressing issues and needs than audio bus . . . my guess is the developer bailed on it (?).

      1. yeh good call on synthx. really too bad.
        it did sound very good, to bad it fell off.
        i guess the guy is just working on other stuff…i can relate to that.

    1. this is what i am waiting for an it should come for sure.
      the bus spurred a minor revolution. did not expect it to go this well.
      i guess that comes from planning the app and taking time like they did.

  4. Apparently this update is for the iPad version only? I hope they update the iphone version as well. At the very least it needs audiobus support

  5. This thing is getting impressively refined. My only issue with it is that I want an iPad that’s at least 12″; 15″ would be better. I want a viable WORK surface that fits my big ol’ hands and the muscle memory I’ve developed over many years. The ongoing rush to miniaturize makes for unmusical GUIs. Give me a touchscreen that is comparable to the hardware experience so I can dig in spatially and feel what I’m doing. Then I’ll sit up straighter. There’s bound to be a happy medium. If my fingers aren’t happy, my ears aren’t happy, either.

  6. My oh my… it’s like christmas everyday with Audiobus. Thanks MOOG! This update is more than what I was waiting for!

    If this keeps up, I may never touch my desktop daw again. (just kidding, to all you who were ready to remind me that (as of yet) an ipad is no replacement for a full-featured DAW. I know)

  7. I just love this program and the interface. One program I feel glad to have paid full price for. I wish they would design the interface for PPG Wavegenerator. I find I don’t pick it up nearly as much because somehow I’m discouraged by the layout and user interface…

    1. really? i like animoog, but find wavegenerator to be a little more versatile for what i like to do (3 oscillators with their own envelopes kinda does that for me).

      i don’t find either one to look all that pretty . . . but they sure make nice sounds.

  8. this is an avalanche of great updates. we live in wonderful times when music creation is concerned.

    the 4 track recorder is bonkers.
    one question if anyone can answer it.

    is clock sync possible?

    1. what device are you running on? Did you have any other apps open? what were you recording Animoog into? by all work lost do you mean your animoog template or even the recorded audiobus output?

      1. iPad 3. I was recording into the Animoog 4-track even though I had audiobus going and Loopy waiting. Animoog restarted from the default settings, so I lost the session. Also Loopy crashed when I switched into it and let me know that this is a known issue but not necessarily theirs. So, a few bugs to squash but I didn’t expect any less. It seems to be mostly stable but a few kinks remain. Amazing update.

    2. Worked fine for me on ipad2. I could even record it and DrumJam at the same time into MDAW, with only a little crackling if I played more than 4 notes in Animoog.

  9. The grateful dead expansion is not showing up in the store for me. How much is it and how many sounds does it include? Is it officially licensed with the grateful dead?

    1. I bought it first thing, now no one else can see it.
      Maybe they were only going to sell one copy?!

      $4.99, there are like 70-80 presets and timbres (each).
      Licensed? Each sample is only .3 seconds long!

      1. Thanks for the info. I didn’t really mean the sounds being licensed as much as using their name/brand. The grateful dead is pretty touchy about their name being used commercially without a formal agreement.

  10. finally got a few free moments to mess with the updated app.

    damn, there’s some cool stuff in there, makes a nice app way better, imho.

    haven’t tried to export audio yet, but that 4-track recorder thing is *great*.

    nice job, moog.

  11. The 4 track is there but I can’t find the Grateful Dead pack. I have all the other packs purchased but that one isn’t showing up. Also, is the recorder just a trial thing or something? Will it lock after the 31st and we have to buy it?

    1. That seems to be the case, however, at this time I think they cannot lock it without internet access or if they make some kinda upgrade you cant live without. I highly doubt they have some kind of timer inside the app that will disable it after the 31st. Anyway, its worth paying for, its amazing.

  12. I didn’t realise it’s only £10.49 at the moment – I’ve been playing with it on my iPhone since it was released at 69p.

    £10.49 is half-price I think – a steal!

  13. Just got an email from moog promoting the new 4 track recorder in Animoog. It says free until December 31st when it will “revert back” to being $4.99 in the store. So that means we can use it for a little while and then they take it away and we have to pay to get it back?

  14. Hello,

    I’m having troubles in unlocking the 4 track recorder. With the version 2.1.0 of the app, the 4 track recorder has to be unlocked (buying it or registering animoog)…BUT

    1) The form registration is buggy: if you enter a too long email address the mail is not sent. After you click on the unlocking link inside the mail nothing happens on the app. The button “Check your email, then come back and tap this” seems to do nothing.

    2) Clicking on the “STORE” button, I can see no link to buy the 4 track recorder.

    Has anyone a workaround for this? Is there a solution. Tried to contact moog support, looking forward to hearing from them….hopefully.


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