The King Korg Analog Synthesizer – NAMM Leak Or Photoshop?

king-korg-analog-synthesizer2013 NAMM Show: Images have leaked out of the King Korg synthesizer – rumored to be a new 3-oscillator analog synthesizer.

No official announcement has been made for the ‘King Korg’, so we’ll probably wait until the NAMM Show to bring you the details. In the meantime, though, check out the images and let us know what you think – NAMM leak or just a Photoshop job?

via importmusic, Nahuel Mijal

49 thoughts on “The King Korg Analog Synthesizer – NAMM Leak Or Photoshop?

  1. 3 different pictures, an original name and some decent logo ? I’m pretty sure it’s real… Never seen amateur shops look this good even with fake iphones !

  2. photoshop. and a bad one.
    didn´t even get the korg typeface right for fuck sake.
    also the big knobs on the top view are not spaced evenly.
    other than that this synth is just a bad concept altogether.

    most of all…the name. the person that came up with that one…and the empire state logo is a massive stupidhead.
    so the creator guy, i know you are reading this: you are an idiot and i pity the time you put into this.

      1. buying, as in thinking its real.

        king korg is the most idiotic name one could come up for a product.
        1. they have established kronos and tribes as a series with their own product/logo design. why abandon it.
        2. the king korg might bring on copyright infringment especially with the empire state building in context.
        3. it looks amateurishly designed. the source says also two timbres but no mention of polyphony.
        4. did i mention its stupid?

        also the source sells mini ms-20. it would be great if true but the image of it also displays the cv holes in the same mini format as the legacy controller. that would be the most absurd choice in the history of synth design. even for “no midi” korg.

  3. If this is real (and I have no opinion either way) I’m not all that impressed with the design. I can’t put my finger on it, but it’s just not doing it for me. I know it’s how it sounds, not how it looks, but still. Not too sexy to me, at least on looks alone.

    1. I kinda like it ! I’m tired of vintage looking synths. This one looks modern and knobby enough though it might be yet another VA… Can’t wait !

      1. I’m not saying it needs to be “vintage” styled, but I don’t like the choice they made. The knob layout looks kind of disorganized and the color/design screams ’90s digital synth. It looks more like a workstation than a performance oriented FUN analog synth. Something more like the Mopho keyboard or Minibrute (but bigger) would suit it pretty good. Dunno, I’m just not feeling it. Maybe it will sound awesome and make that not such a big deal.

  4. 695 usd is the price according to the argentinian site. still don´t believe it.

    buying one for sure but it can´t be true. mini cv ports?no sense

  5. Since the Kaossilator, KORG has been surprising us with some unusual product names. 😉 These shots look good enough to be a new keyboard – probably! If only they were just a little more hi-res. Something about this says “virtual analog” to me rather than actual , and the logotype doesn’t mention analog – what is XMT? Perhaps ” X Modeling Technology”? There are three knobs here, but the lettering above them doesn’t necessarily suggest “Oscillator 1”, “Oscillator 2” etc.

    Enough with the keyboards. When is my new Electribe going to be made? 😉

  6. I am a professional graphic designer/logo designer for 19 years. I’m telling you all without a shadow of a doubt, this is someone trying to get a rise out of you, This is not real. The logo itself is very unprofessional and would not pass KORG media specifications.

    1. this is what i mainly base my hunch on. and really imagine what kind of idiot would name a synth like that…
      it is either a hoax or marketing at korg got a whole bunch of crack rock and had fun with it.

  7. revision to my last post: these images are from a real music instrument store, so indeed this may be real, but certainly not an analog.

    1. no need to hurry with the conclusion. the source is argentinian so it may be a legit screwup leak however much does not pan out.
      most, if not all , korg product of this format has the logo on the right hand side. not left.
      last synths/ws in particular. so this again does not make sense.

      the mini ms20 on the other hand has tiny differences which make me wonder…

  8. The domain hasn’t been registered yet.
    If the synth was real, it would be a big mistake not to register that product-specific domain.

  9. OK, so I figured it out. “King Korg”, with an image of the Empire State Building…so it’s a play on words as in “King Kong”. I would be quite surprised if this were real as it’s very unlike Korg to use “cutesy” names on their synths, expecially a major one as this appears to be. But if so, great! Nice of Korg to be creative and shake things up. Basically, I’ll lick Korg’s feet if they release the rumoured Mini MS-20. And it better have MIDI!!!

  10. This could be a modern day Poly-Six!! I hope this things real, could be as Korg only have to fit a series of monotron filters in & some FX, easy?! Better instrument than another ms20 clone – thats been sooo done.

  11. This seems very possible to me – if they can do the Monotrons, it seems like they should be able to do something with 6-8 voices for a thousand or so.

    My guess is that this web store is now in Korg’s dog house.

  12. 1. It’s real (take it from someone that knows, but is not meant to)
    2. The images are mockups, and the finished product probably won’t look like that
    3. I believe the name “King Korg” is a working title, I have no idea what they are going to call it.

  13. First of all, it’s not really analog but virtual analog. It makes sense. Also it’s the best lookin KORG synth maybe since Radias. Also, love the colour. I’ve wanted something light brownish ever since I sold my beige MicroKORG XL. I’m putting one on order when possible. Also one of those analog MS-20 with minikeys, please! I wonder what else they come up with… Maybe a polyphonic microanalog later on.

  14. I can’t believe the whining, complaining and otherwise childish comments posted here. If you don’t think the KingKorg is real, look at the videos on YouTube or on the Korg web site. And if this new board doesn’t do it for you then, by all means, quit bitching and buy something else.

    Grow up, people.

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