Korg iElectribe Gets “Beat Flutter”

Korg recently updated its major iPad music apps to add AudioBus support. In addition to AudioBus, support, though, Korg added an interesting new feature to iElectribe, Beat Flutter.

This video demonstrates how Beat Flutter can be used to add variety to drum sequences.

Other new features in Korg iElectribe v1.6 include: iCloud backup, Retina display support, and Virtual MIDI for MIDI communication between iOS music creation apps.

If you’ve used iElectribe, let us know what you think of it!

iElectribe is available in the App Store.

16 thoughts on “Korg iElectribe Gets “Beat Flutter”

  1. i just bought ielectribe within the last four days and it was included in the version in bought. i assume you’ll be able to update.

    dunno about the exporting. i tried to see if it would record the flutter box’s motions and it doesn’t, which leads me to think that it won’t do what you want—probably just live only . . .

  2. Updated iElectribe to 1.6.0 on iPad 1 (in US) and this feature does not seem to be present. No mention in App Store or on Korg website to indicate if it is or is not functional in iPad 1. Is it? Any iPad 1 users out there tried it?

  3. The “beat flutter” feature is fun, fun, fun. Excellent performance feature. I love how you can use the “hold” feature of flutter to create remixes of patterns on the fly by touching various spots on the flutter surface. And when you have one you like simply save it as a new template. Very cool!

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