8 thoughts on “BT – Our Dark Garden

  1. i still remember this guy bashing MIDI because it was not responsive enough for his awesomely bad ass keyboard skills

    1. If you understood the limitations of MIDI and the microtiming that’s a major part of BT’s music, you’d understand why he and anybody else that wants exact timing control works with audio.

  2. Anyone know what DAW BT mixes in? I’m sure he uses several to create songs,but, curious to what what he mixes in.

    1. I’m not sure if he uses it for everything, but multiple times I’ve heard him mention how much he loves working in eMagic Logic 6 running on Mac OS 9… Not sure his reasoning exactly but interesting nonetheless.

  3. I’m pretty sure he uses Logic, although I believe by now he’s running OS X. He’s been in a few Apple commercials. Also, I know he was a heavy user of Alchemy Synth, although artists switch favorite softsynths so often it’s difficult to tell what he’s running most of his tracks on in 2012/13.

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