Gary Numan Interview On Synths And Origins Of Synth Pop

Synth pop pioneer Gary Numan is featured in this interview, in John Doran’s series The British Masters.

Doran notes “Gary Numan…became an overnight sensation in 1979 when his post punk group Tubeway Army released the single “Are ‘Friends’ Electric?” and then achieved worldwide success later the same year with the release of his first solo album, and one of the cornerstones of synth pop, ‘The Pleasure Principle.’ Following some very lean years in the wilderness, Gary started the long and arduous task of rebuilding his career in the mid-90s, becoming a peer of many industrial and techno artists he had originally been an influence on. We catch him on tour in the UK as he gears up for the release of his 18th solo album, the much anticipated “Splinter.”

Gary Numan’s new remix album “Dead Moon Falling” (Mortal Records), a remix of 2011’s “Dead Son Rising,” is available now from

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  1. I can’t fault Gary Numan’s contribution to music history, but I can’t stop looking at that wig..! He has more hair now than in his video star prime.

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