The Dam Drum 2 – A Handheld Drum Machine & Sequencer

dam-drum-machineStones Throw, Dam-Funk and Bleep Labs have introduced the Dam Drum 2 – a handheld drum machine & sequencer.

Dam-Drum is a collaboration with Dam and Bleep Labs, who designed and built the drum in Austin, Texas.

Version 2.0 features four new drum sounds – three based on the Roland R70 and a pitchable bass tone modeled after a Juno 106 – with new buttons and a matte circuit board.

Like the Dam-Drum version 1, released summer 2012, this version is handmade and limited edition. ??Includes a case and function controls instruction sheet. Requires a 9 volt battery (not included). 

Here’s a demo of the Dam Drum 2 in action:

The device is expected tobe available Jan 21st, 2013, and is priced at US $99. See the Stones Throw site for details.

via CDM, Bleep Labs

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