iConnectMIDI2+ Makes Recording iPad Apps Simple


At the 2013 NAMM Show, iConnectivity introduced the iConnectMIDI 2+ – a new MIDI interface that makes recording iPad apps simple.

The device has two sets of DIN MIDI IN + Out jacks and support for USB and iOS MIDI devices.

In addition, though, it offers Audio Pass-Through, which lets you route the audio output of one device to another. This lets you do things like record your iPad directly in your DAW, with no audio interface required.

Here are the details:




  • 2 In & 2 Out Sets of MIDI DIN Connectivity
  • MultiHost Capability – Connect 2 Computing Devices Simultaneously
  • Supports MAC, PC, and iOS Computing Devices
  • Audio Pass-Through From One Computing Device To Another
  • Integrated MIDI Manager With Snapshot Preset Storage – For MIDI Thru, MIDI Merge, Filtering, and Advanced Routing Control
  • USB MIDI Class Compliant
  • USB Bus Powered
  • Supports 10 Ports of 16 Channels of MIDI I/O Per Port
  • Plug and Play – No Drivers Needed
  • Charge iOS Devices via Optional Adapter

The iConnectMIDI2+ is priced at US $89.99. See the iConnectivity site for details.


11 thoughts on “iConnectMIDI2+ Makes Recording iPad Apps Simple

  1. F#ck android.
    I have an android phone and tablet and they suck. I have an ipad and its amazing.
    for music just get IOS. you wont regret it.

  2. The audio passthrough is really interesting – with audiobus, is this enough to use multiple iPad apps simultaneously in your desktop DAW with no extra hardware? It’s like the missing link or something (at least until we get Live, Logic, etc. on the iPad itself!)

  3. The best device for the iPad is the Akai Professional EIE I/O(not the pro model, the red one!) why? Because it has a built in USB hub on it, i have a USB powered Oxygen25 MIDI controller and guess what? If i use ANY good “All-in-One” audio interface like this… I cant plug in the one main thing i want to at the same time! Id love a 24-bit audio interface with a usb hub of 2 usb ports and 4 of everything else and id be VERY happy if it cost like $200-$250 however i will say this… 16-bit is the ONLY downside of the EIE and it still gets the job done, its not that big of a deal… Also Auria is like the absolute BEST for iPad recording and i also use Beatmaker 2… Yes theres Cubasis and it has virtual instruments but the amount of support and the future plans for Auria is incredible and well worth buying that app just to record with and when they add the instruments im sure itll be even better!

  4. Does this have any latency? I’m using the iRig MIDI interface now and getting around 20 ms of lag with my DAW when recording back audio from the iPad that’s triggered by MIDI..

    1. I saw a video from NAMM in which the rep from iConnectmidi boasted only 1ms latency for audio passthrough. I think it was on SonicState’s channel.

  5. So, it looks like the iConnectMIDI2+ is a giant leap over the original iConnectMIDI if you are doing iOS connectivity, as it will power your i-Device, and provide Audio PassThrough. But, it’s a step backwards if you need USB-MIDI.

    I need the USB-MIDI, so I would like to trade my brand-new iConnectMIDI2+ for an older, original iConnectMIDI. It includes all the cables, box, etc, and I also have the optional power supply I will include so you can power everything “computer free.” If interested, drop me a note at johnbakertunes.com and we can figure out shipping.

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