The Akasha Synthesizer – Modular Sound Art

Here’s another look at the Akasha synthesizer from the 2013 NAMM Show:

A short demo at NAMM of the first Akasha Synth object. It’s a modular system with geometric shapes in order to build sounding 3D art objects.

The modules or nodes provide analog sound circuits and a digital interconnection that can be controlled by MIDI. Touch sensitive pads and bright LEDs show the interconnection VCAs and their modulations.

There are triangles, squares and pentagons to obtain any platonic or irregular body or planes.

The synth line comes from the Akasha Modules, it’s synced to an XBASE 999 and controlled by Midi CCs or the internal touch sensitive pads.

Official details on the Akasha synthesizer are TBA. If you’ve got any additional information, leave a comment!

via vidjoyog

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