The Medic Modules Defibrillator Dual VCF / VCA (First Look)

This video, via Tom Carpenter, takes a look at the new Medic Modules Defibrillator Dual VCF / VCA.

The Defibrillator is the first Carpenter’s new Medic Modules line – a new addition to the world of Eurorack modulars. 

Specifications on the Medic Modules are to come.

Technical details on the demo below:

Square wave from VCO fed through the filter. Some basic modulation using an EG.
Sequencing done using Analogue Solutions Oberkorn, transposed and sync’ed using a Kenton USB Solo and Logic Pro.
Audio is totally dry and uncompressed.

6 thoughts on “The Medic Modules Defibrillator Dual VCF / VCA (First Look)

  1. I was a bit disappointed. I thought a defibrillator was modded to play tunes when shocking a body (the body itself representing the keyboard). Could we get a Bond villain to invent that? Background story: famous piano player turned evil genious after his beloved Steinway piano gets torched by North Korean terrorists.
    Jokes aside I have to say that this modular sounds awesome.

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