Creating x0x Kick Drums In Reaktor

This tutorial looks at building x0x style kick drums in Reaktor, based on the sounds of the classic Roland TR-808 and TR-909.

The tutorial goes over how to calculate Freq and Q (Quality Factor) from reading schematics. The video also shows how to modify the Core static BP filter to use Q values instead of Resonance.

Relevant Links:

  • To see how to do the same thing for BandWidth (BW), see this video
  • The video also points out these tutorials for building a TR-909 Kick

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4 thoughts on “Creating x0x Kick Drums In Reaktor

  1. Really well done tutorial ! Very clear on how to interpret schematics into Reaktor. Have never understood why people are so attached to 808s and 909s though, or any rock drum kits when there is a whole continent of drums in Africa, but this tutorial suggests ways of producing other types of drums.

  2. now I understand why people buy 808s on ebay for something like 2000 euros… 🙂
    no, seriously, really cool tutorial!

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