Beatmaker 2 Updated With AudioBus

intua-beatmaker-2Intua has released an update to BeatMaker 2, adding AudioBus support and more.

Here’s what’s new in Beatmaker 2.4.3:

  • Audiobus support – BeatMaker 2 can send to or receive audio from other apps
    • Monitor, record, apply effects, tweak input volume, apply noise gate from apps connected to Audiobus
    • Audio tracks are created automatically when connecting new apps or starting a new project
    • Control the sequencer and instrument sample recorder from another app with the Audiobus connection panel
  • Virtual MIDI input apps are not active by default, only controllers are
  • .midi files are now recognized
  • ZIP files transferred via FTP or DropBox are now unzipped automatically
  • Improvements of MIDI output timestamps

In addition, Intua has included several fixes:

  • Fix an issue that could occur after putting BeatMaker in background after using SoundCloud or Dropbox
  • Fix an issue that could occur when adding a new instrument/effect while sending MIDI
  • Fix sample navigation when fully zoomed
  • Fix behavior of MUTE/SOLO buttons on the mixer
  • Fix a bug that could occur when previewing a very small portion of a sample in streaming
  • Fix reading of float AIFF files in streaming mode
  • Other stability and UI improvements and optimizations

BeatMaker 2 is available in the App Store for $19.99. More information on Beatmaker 2’s AudioBus support is available at the Intua site.

If you’ve used BeatMaker 2, let us know what you think of it!

20 thoughts on “Beatmaker 2 Updated With AudioBus

  1. Havent tried every app out there – but this is the “mobile DAW” that has stuck for me. Can’t wait to bring my headphones into the men’s room at work and check it out. “Live: From the Corner Stall.”

    1. Sorry. I forgot to put a smiley face at the end. I don’t mind paying $20 for it.
      Anybody out there with NanoStudio ( which I have) and Beatmaker 2 have a comparison? Positives? Negatives?

      1. Been a while since I´ve used either of them so things might have changed with current versions. But my favourite of the two was always Beatmaker2 because of the workflow, the UI and for the effects. But Nanostudio has a great synth engine something that was (still is?) missing from BM2.

    2. Speaking of disrespectful, you define the word by supposing to impose your sense of values as more important than someone else’s, and then also punish them for their behavior by withholding the product which you yourself also have no control over. 🙂

    1. Get the Akai EIE(THE RED ONE!!!) i have it n love it… I use Beatmaker 2 and primarily my ipad, it allows me to hook up any instrument to my iPad, it even has 3 USB ports!!! Its the ONLY iPad compatible Audio Interface ive seen with multiple USB Ports AND all the your other basic needs and more like phantom power and VU monitors that light up n turn red when it detects distortion and skips, the only thing i could ask for is a way to use it n charge my ipad at the same time but im hoping whatever iConnectivity is making to charge the iPad at the same time works with more than just their device

      The Akai EIE is cheapest here

  2. Ever since they abandoned the first beatmaker, something I believe will never receive an audiobus update let alone an update, Intua has left a sour taste in my mouth so I choose not to buy their products.

      1. When I bought BM1 it had a lot of bugs, never worked right, and then shortly after they came out with BM2, so yeah, I do feel ripped off.

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