17 thoughts on “Paul McCartney Explains The Mellotron

    1. Funny how all the Beatles did interesting music after they broke up – except Lennon. His peak was the high school poetry feel-good wankery of ‘Imagine’. Most of his solo work was tripe like ‘Double Fantasy’.

      The other Beatles all went on to make some great music. Lennon always seemed to be aspiring to be deep, but failing.

      Back to the video – McCartney does a great job of demonstrating what The Beatles liked about the Mellotron, what they thought was cheesy and why it was perfect for songs like Strawberry Fields. Were you expecting him to pull out the tape rack and talk tech in the middle of a concert? It’s clear that he knows, despite all his success, he’s there to entertain people.

  1. Wow! the cynicism is amazing!… the fact that he’s still interested in music and equipment after all these years, at the top of the industry should be applauded.

    Personally, I couldn’t of cared less for The Beatles (they were just more fortunate than other acts), but my observations of John Lennon say he would have dumped music and go off to do something else ages ago, if he was still about.

  2. Yee, why so resentful…? This is one of the four guys that gave us some of the best popsongs ever. I never liked the McCartney solo stuff, but the fact that he is still on top of his game, performing and looking for new artistic challenges is something I deeply respect.

  3. You guys are funny. His worst track is still a million times better than any of the shit you ever produced. When each and every one of us is dead and gone they are still playing his songs on the radio.

  4. Thinking back on how the Beatles appeared throughout my life I am struck by a feeling of profound sadness… I have a particular affinity for Rubber Soul and the White Album both were peculiar standouts in my early enjoyment of music. When John Lennon was shot I called my sister (7 years older than I) and told her about it she turned on the TV and I heard her crying over the phone. I guess those younger than I don’t have any reference other than the music itself as to how profoundly The Beatles effected peoples lives.

  5. Thanks for sharing this little snippet!

    As for the detractors of the Beatles, as you were probably not alive then, I don’t imagine you can understand the impact they had. Not just on music but on culture. They were a force, whether or not you liked them or ever even had heard them, your life would have been affected in some way. I can’t think of an act that has had so much influence on music and culture combined since. Maybe the King of Pop…but I think not…
    Like them, love them, or hate them the Beatles are still influencing us fifty years later. As evidence read back through this thread!

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