Super Manetron – A MIDI Mellotron App For iPhone

iphone-mellotronDeveloper Insideout has released Super Manetron – a MIDI Mellotron app for iPhone and iPod touch.

The sounds for Super Manetron were sampled from a Mellotron M400S (serial number 761), manufactured in the 70’s.

Here’s a demo of Super Manetron in action:


  • Core MIDI compatible
  • Sampled sounds from Mellotron M400S serial number 761
  • 8 sec PCM full sampling sounds each Key
  • Scrollable Keyboard & dual Keyboards with switchable key width
  • No loop sounds (real performance feeling)
  • Pre-loaded with 7 instruments including Flute, 3 violins (Strings), Cello, Oboe, 8-voice Choir, Vibes, Brass
  • 7 instrument sounds can be set as the favorite position of A,B,C position on setting screen
  • A+B, B+C mix sounds position
  • The sound of motor and tape rewind mechanical noise
  • Tape running animation
  • Pitch control by accelerometer
  • Built-in Reverb that simulates spring reverb
  • Original sounds source are recorded by 96KHz/24 bits
  • Compiled under the supervision of Fumitaka Anzai (vintage keyboard player & collector of Japan)

Super Manetron is available now for $3.99.

Note: Super Manetron is designed for iPhone, but compatible with iPad. A Universal version is planned.

13 thoughts on “Super Manetron – A MIDI Mellotron App For iPhone

  1. Well good. I’ve loved the Omenie apps, but hate playing on a screen. They promised a midi update, but then disappeared off the face of the Earth. Their last twitter entry was some joke about hold music, even. I’ve actually tried contacting them several times, with no response. Glad someone picked up the ball they dropped.

  2. The running motor sound is not affected by turning dow the mechanical sounds knob. The whirring is really loud and wouldn’t appear in an actual Mellotron’s audio output. The level of this noise is really loud, fatiguing and makes the app virtually useless except for using it as a toy.

  3. Great app except for the latency issues with the vibes sound and the springy release time on the brass sound. The notes don’t end abruptly enough on that sound when you release a key.

  4. Love the iphone app, but it’s too small to play properly. Got an ipad (1) partly so I could play this app for real. Now I can’t find scroll lock on the ipad version. It makes it almost impossible to try to play; keyboards keep sliding around! Any help would be greatly appreciated…

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