DM1 Drum Machine Updated With Full MIDI Implementation & More

dm1-ipad-drum-machineFingerlab has released an update to DM1, its virtual drum machine for iOS.

Here’s what’s new in DM1 v4:

  • Full Midi implementation
  • Song project Import & Export

DM1 is an virtual vintage Drum Machine that offers 86 electronic drum kits and a realistic UI.


  • Retina Display
  • Graphic design by Jonas Eriksson
  • Smart ergonomy for fast creativity and fun
  • 86 vintage and produced drum kits, mastered at in-house Fingerlab Sound Studios
  • Samples Import from iPod Library, microphone, DropBox, AudioCopy and iTunes shared folder
  • Step Sequencer with multi-touch matrix
  • Time signature
  • 16 or 32 Steps per patterns
  • Mixer page with pitch, length and level rotary controls, pan controls, and custom drum kit per channel
  • Automation Panel for a precise and intuitive control of any Mixer parameter over time
  • Duo FX Trackpads for real-time sonic destruction and multi-FX
  • FX per track
  • FX automation (FX parameters and FX per pattern)
  • 9 Big Drum pads, quantized recording and pitch-bend ribbon
  • Pitch-bend ribbon automationl
  • Mode song with intuitive editing
  • High-quality export to SoundCloud, DropBox, Facebook, email, iTunes shared folder or AudioCopy
  • Separated tracks and AAC encoding export options
  • The Randomizer too
  • Extra fast drum kit loading
  • Playable pattern selection for extra creativity
  • Audio background mode
  • WIST synchronization technology by Korg for syncing 2 iPads/iPhones together
  • Audiobus support
  • Import & Export your song project (DropBox, Mail, iTunes folder)
  • Full Midi implementation

DM1 is available for $6.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used DM1, let us know what you think of it!

14 thoughts on “DM1 Drum Machine Updated With Full MIDI Implementation & More

  1. BTW, even though I got in on the DM1 during some free period, it is still one of my favorite apps.

    Even more than that though, is that there have been all these great updates that keep making it more and more powerful. Honestly, it’s too powerful now. It’s like I turn on the drum machine and it just kills everyone and everything. Too many options.

    Seriously, it’s great.

  2. Good update. The FX does not work for the mixer. It does work for the master out.
    Anybody else see this?
    Dropbox seems to be making it’s way into a lot of apps which is useful for sharing between iPad’s.

  3. I really love this app. Everything about it is top notch. The workflow, the sounds, the interface and features are just perfect. I hardly use anything else for drums anymore. They just keep updating it and it gets better and better.

  4. Think the MIDI implementation is still busted. Apparently, when sending MIDI OUT, the first note is skipped. And, I haven’t been able to get MIDI in working whatsoever. Anyone have any luck with the latter?

  5. My first tests are very positive for the implimentation of MIDI clock input coming through IO dock….you have to go to “songs” then there is the MIDI tab at the bottom, select the input for notes and for tempo (clock) and you are good to go.

    It tracks well, certainly less laggy than funkbox.

    The only glitch I hit was when starting a song at a new tempo…DM1doesnt seem to track changes in clock pulses until it recieves a start command, so If I work at 66PBM for a song, change my midi hardware to 75bmp for the next song, DM1 stays at 66 until I press start, which causes it appear out of time…however this can be worked around by starting and stopping the clock with the new tempo.would be good to see a fix for this though as most other midi recieving apps track tempo constantly even when the start command hasnt yet been given.

  6. This app is amazing and you forgot to mention the all important pasteboard capability. I’ve used this multiple times by exporting to audio copy and then using it as a track in animoog 4 track. Plus, the capacity to create your own drum sets makes this the best drum machine app available.

  7. I love everything about this app *except* I wish I could make longer patterns (64 steps at least). To be fair, I have the same issue with FunkBox and a lot of other apps….

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