The Modular Synthesizer Backpack

YUKI has introduced the SO-NO-RO-A modular backpack was designed for the ADDAC System.

The SO-NO-RO-A modular backpack is comprised of four different elements. These are interchangeable according to your needs. SO-NO-RO-A complies with airlines carry-on bags size. It is constructed from laminated car seat fabric together with foam padding.

ADDAC System is a brand of analog modular synthesizers, based on the Eurorack format. The backpack lets you carry most of ADDAC System’s wood frames, external power supply, cables, laptop, tablet or anything else your performance might need.

These are now available to pre-order through ADDAC System’s website.

7 thoughts on “The Modular Synthesizer Backpack

    1. Just what I was thinking. I Dont like the mac on the outside surface either, I’d rather it was sandwiched.
      I would think that you need proper folding cabinet like Buchla’s, extended by a better padded mac bag’s thickness, with fold out centralising lugs for it; then fabricate a rucksack around it all to protect the wood.
      The bag for the mac should be thick enough to also softly brace the knobs, cables etc. Concealable wheels wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Bit less portable, but that’s secondary in my book.

  1. oh my god they just put the second half on top of the first halft ????

    button on button, jack on jack, without removing the patchcables at least?

    sorry but thats certainly not how i treat my gear. why not ad a frame that brings at least some distance between the two halfs…

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