PPG WaveGenerator Updated With New MIDI Features And More


Pioneering synth designer Wolfgang Palm has released an update to PPG WaveGenerator, a software synthesizer for iPad that builds on the heritage of the PPG Wave keyboard.

Here’s what’s new in PPG Wavegenerator 2.0:

  • Virtual and Hard MIDI Output
  • MIDI Poly Pressure
  • Touch Keyboard Extensions
  • Minor improvements and fixes

Key Features:

  • Creation of your own waves and wavetables.
  • Playful sound creation simply by drawing or picking harmonics
  • 3D page, visualization of the wavetables, transformation from photos into wavetables.
  • 256 waves assembled within a wave grid
  • 3 Audio Oscillators
  • 3 Noise generators, for audio and modulations
  • Classic 24 dB Lowpass Filter, combined with an overdrive simulation.
  • Dual amplifier, for versatile control of 2 audio signals as well as panning.
  • 13 Envelopes, for independent control of pitch, waveform, filter and noise gain and panning
  • 4 LFOs
  • Arpeggiator
  • Delay/Reverb effect
  • Audio engine with 2 synthesis modes, and variable wave blending quality.
  • Directly accessible context help inside the app
  • Use a camera, to shoot a picture and then transform it into a sound!
  • Using state of the art technologies, but still the versatile and efficient synthesis system.
  • Build your own keyboard, with the keys you prefer for your music.
  • Audio recorder, up to 10 min. at 44.1 stereo
  • Audio Copy to the pasteboard
  • File Sharing via iTunes

PPG Wavegenerator 2.0 is available in the App Store for US $19.99.

If you’ve used Wavegenerator, let us know what you think of it!

4 thoughts on “PPG WaveGenerator Updated With New MIDI Features And More

    1. MIDI Poly Pressure is really a big thing. most virtual instruments don’t even accept it yet, and most midi controllers don’t even output it. But a $20 ipad app does?!?! Thats pretty awesome!!

  1. Is the blue background necessary behind the extended keys? I’m not sure i like that. It looks like the prototype step before the finished version. In wavemapper it is just the key outlines without a transparent background rectangle. This looks much better no? It’s also hard to see the extended key outlines as is. I would get rid of the blue bkgd and make the outlines darker? And then maybe make the upper panels scrollable like in ims-20.

    Still an improvement though.

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