Chauliodus Bassline Synthesizer For iOS


Developer Sobal Corporation has released Chauliodus Bassline Synthesizer, a new software synth for iOS that focuses on bass.

Chauliodus Bassline Synthesizer is designed to let you play basslines from the built-in sequencer, external MIDI devices, external sequencers, and other iOS applications. In addition, you can manipulate the sound with a modulation pad or by using the gyroscope.

Here are the details:


  • Implemented Features:
    • OSC x 2
  • Saw Wave / Square Wave
    • SubOSC x 2
  • Square Wave / Sine Wave
    • Glide
    • Filter x 1
  • Manipulate the CutOff Frequency and Resonance by using gyroscope.
    • EG x 2
    • LFO x 1
    • FX
  • Delay
  • Over Drive
    • Real-Time Recording
    • 16 steps Pattern Sequencer
    • 300 bars Song Sequencer
  • Others:
    • Wireless Sync-Start Technology (WIST) is supported.
    • AudioCopy is supported.
    • CoreMIDI is supported.
    • Supported background playback.
    • Universal support for iPod touch, iPhone, and iPad.

Chauliodus Bassline Synthesizer is available now for US $2.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Chauliodus, leave a comment with your thoughts on it!

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