Korg Legacy Collection Updated For 64-Bit Action

korg-mono-polyKorg has announced that the Korg Legacy Collection series is now available in 64-bit.

The Legacy Collection series, made up of software recreations of classic Korg gear, includes the MS-20, Polysix, Mono/Poly, Wavestation and M1, as well as MDE-X effects processor and LegacyCell will now work on the latest 64-bit DAWs.

This update is available to registered users as a free download at Korg User Net.

Note: For KLC-1 v1.0-1.1 owners, you must have previously purchased and registered “v1.2 Upgrade” for access to this update.


  • Native 64-bit Audio Units and VST plug-ins are now supported.
  • Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion is now supported.
  • This update requires Mac OS X 10.6 (or later). Power PC and Mac OS X 10.5 (or earlier) are no longer supported.


  • Native 64-bit VST plug-in is now supported on Windows 7 or later.
  • Windows 8 is now supported.
  • System requirements have been changed.

26 thoughts on “Korg Legacy Collection Updated For 64-Bit Action

  1. This people have the FUCKING WORST WEBSITE on the planet.. I no longer have access to the email I used back in 2007 to use my KLC now I can’t ever update or do shit or find any support. KORG I HATE YOU RIGHT NOW

    1. I installed this last night and didn’t need to access my original emails or user codes. In stalled everything, opened logic and when it tried to install the MS20 component it opened up a registration window which linked to the site. I just had to copy and paste the new code into the registration window and logic finished installing.

  2. This is great news. With all the focus on their iPad apps and the new MS-20, i thought maybe the original Legacy Collection was in the land of “no longer supported”

  3. Can someone tell me what the practical advantage is of a 64 bit synth VST over a 32 bit synth VST? And if it’s something like “speed”, is the improvement worth the effort to switch?

      1. No plugin uses >4gb of RAM unless it’s a sampler; addressing isn’t an issue because 32-bit applications run in a virtual memory space. But using 64 bit words you can process 2 samples per clock cycle. there are tricks to reduce the waste for 32 bit legacy applications (pipelining, use of 32 bit registers and so on) but they all involve a degree of overhead.

    1. Can a host DAW run in 32 bit with plug-ins running in 64 bit? I’m pretty sure the opposite is possible using some kind of wrapper.

      1. Theoretically yes, practically no. For example, it’s not unusual to have a 32-bit OS kernel and 64-bit applications (Mac OS X can do this, for example), but I have not heard of this being supported in a user application. The reverse is the common case, when you need to support older plug-ins – for example 64-bit Logic Pro can run legacy 32-bit audio units, but 32-bit Logic Pro cannot run 64-bit AUs.

    2. One big difference of 64-bit mode is that your registers are 64 bits wide, potentially allowing a single instruction to do twice as much work as it would in 32-bit mode.

      If it’s well-written to take advantage of 64-bit operations, the 64-bit version of a plug-in may use less CPU, or give you better sound quality or more polyphony while using the same number of CPU cycles.

  4. Yeah sure, but you will see FL Studio 64-bit will suck. There is nothing you or Image-Line can do about it, and downvoting me won’t make it happen either. Get a life and learn the lesson. Time will tell I was right all along.

  5. Can you make the interfaces bigger yet? Seriously fantastic synths and a great deal if you buy a nanokey, but bigger interfaces and some control improvements would help.

    I wanna see more of the wave station screens at once! 🙂

    1. I recently bought the 32 bit M1, my 50 yr old eyes would not mind resizing on my Analog Edition.
      Using the KLC Controller, waiting for my Real MS 20 soon…
      M1 licence is not transferable to another machine via download if I upgrade.
      Will their be a way to connect the KLC Controller to new MS 20? The AC powered USB hub w/ CCK hooked up to IMS is cool. Can I MIDI MS20 to the KLC controller via 5 pin to USB ? Thanks from across the pond.

  6. Hmmm. Interferes are not any bigger and can’t be adjusted. Plus the MS20 and Polysix GUI are darker than they were before, making them a little difficult to read. Weird.

  7. Is the Mono/Poly emulation any good? I’m so impressed with the youtube demos of that synth!!

    (And I already like Korg’s Polysix emulation on the iPad and in Reason.)

    1. The Mono/Poly plugin is my favourite VA synth. It’s become my workhorse since I bought it. The MS-20 is good, but the patch matrix on the Mono/Poly gives it just as much power, but with four oscillators.

  8. Why does everyone keep saying you can use the Korg Plugins on multiple computers? When you buy it (I got the M1) you get a code for that computer. If you try to use it on another computer it says invalid. If you want to request another one for your laptop from korguser.net you have to request a “re-authorization” code that would make your first one and your first computer not work. WHY KORG!?!?! People often use two computers for mobile recording set-ups. If anyone knows any other way please explain!

  9. I agree with the comment Jake just left – I don’t have access to the email I used for Korg User net either – I have my software and the dongle and all is installed on a new my windows 7 machine but it’s not playing, so what are my options? zero. I’ve managed to get my native instruments virtual synth’s playing after a bit of fiddling – even though I’ve bought the software, the fact that I didn’t update the korg user net email address now means I’m almost in the same boat. Fortunately, my old pc is still stored, so I have some hope, that I can get in on the old machine, update the darn email address and finally get what is my due. Bad form Korg – this is a total cop out on your behalf… Money generator by any chance????

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