Dan Deacon (Dronepilot) In The Moog Sound Lab

This video captures a session with Dan Deacon, aka Dronepilot, in the Moog Sound Lab.

Deacon improvises a drone soundscape and explains how he works with control voltages and analog gear. 

Technical details:

Deacon uses two Minitaurs and two MF-107 Freq-Boxes. To further expand his sound, Dan incorporates dueling MF-103 Phasers and a pair of CP-251 Control Processors.

7 thoughts on “Dan Deacon (Dronepilot) In The Moog Sound Lab

  1. That was a complete waste of time. My 6 year old nephew could do this and I am not sure it would be any more impressive.

  2. Really one of the smartest people making electronic music today. To me – if Mark Mothersbaugh and JG Thirlwell had a child it would be Dan Deacon. So glad to see Baltimore’s mad synth scientist at work in the moog lab. Thank’s for putting this up for us to watch.

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