Chordion Update With Audiobus, New Synth Options & More

Developer Olympia Noise Co. has released an update to Chordion – a chord-organ style instrument for the iPad.

Here’s what’s new in Chordion 1.2:

  • Drum Machine & Arpeggiator – Easy to use sequencer with 4 drum machines. Customizable Arpeggiator patterns.
  • New Layout Editor – Now you can set up custom chord voicings, create your own scales, and change the range of the keyboard in the new layout editor.
  • New Synthesis Parameters – The envelope can now be set to modulate the filter cutoff for extra punch. Added Vibrato effect. Vibrato, Tremolo and Wah effects all have fade-in times for creating delayed modulation. New detuning makes your oscillators thick and juicy!
  • Performance Optimizations – Audio engine has been optimized. MIDI mode now completely disengages the audio engine. Graphics engine has been optimized to be extra fast.
  • New Chord Types – minMaj7, m7/9, 11, m11, maj7#11, m#11, 6, b6, m6, m#6, and more!
  • Record – Record your audio and upload to SoundCloud, Dropbox, or iTunes.
  • Share your songs on Noise:Cloud – Noise:Cloud is a new feature for sharing and downloading Chordion presets made by other users. Feeling un-inspired? Check out what others are making with Chordion.
  • Audiobus – Stream Chordion’s audio output to other iOS apps with Audiobus.

Chordion is US $3.99 in the App Store.

One thought on “Chordion Update With Audiobus, New Synth Options & More

  1. Ipad1
    Lots of improvements. But i can’t get virtual midi working well with most synth apps i’ve tried (animoog, ppg, addictive, sunrizer)

    Also find some paramater buttons on the small side.

    overall though, improvement. sequencer works well. imo good app getting better.

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