9 thoughts on “Werkbench Update Adds AudioBus & More

  1. one of the most interesting apps just got better, it works SO well with the IO dock now and the way you can chain patterns together.

  2. My problem is, I can’t get apps like Animoog to sample into it. Ive seen it done in a vid with other synth apps, but they used a midi keyboard. Is that required? Kind of makes it hard to do stuff in bed or on the road.

  3. If you’re having trouble sampling, you probably just need to lower the threshold in the ‘Sampling’ tab. The built-in mic input is super hot so our default threshold is a bit high for line-level audiobus signals. Cheers!

    1. Karl – thanks for responding to reader’s comments.

      Not only does that help out Opi, but it lets everybody else know that you’re a developer that’s listening.

  4. Hi Opi,

    I just figured it out…loaded up the App store and found a nice Audiobus 1.0.2 update sitting there for me, was on 1.0.1 before. now Ive got Animoog and Jamup XT bpth working

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