Komplete 9, Komplete 9 Ultimate Now Available

native-instruments-kompleteNative Instruments has announced that Komplete 9 and Komplete 9 Ultimate, its software plugin bundles, are now available.

  • Komplete 9 includes 33 instruments and effects with six new additions, including the new Monark monosynth, plus the redesigned Battery 4 drum sampler.
  • Komplete 9 Ultimate includes all 65 current Instruments and effects and over 370 GB of content.

Here’s a preview of Komplete 9 in action:

Pricing and Availability:

  • Komplete 9 is available now at a suggested retail price of $559 / 499 Euro.
  • Komplete 9 Ultimate is available for a suggested retail price of $1099 / 999 Euro.

Updates for owners of Komplete 2 through 8 are available from $149 / 149 Euro. See the NI site for details.

12 thoughts on “Komplete 9, Komplete 9 Ultimate Now Available

  1. I purchased every update since Komplete 6. Won’t buy this one, horribly expensive for such ridiculous improvements.

  2. Really nice demo, Maschine as a DAW looks promising, Battery 4 is nicely integrated in Maschine and that Monark synth sounds awesome! 😀

    Other then that, nothing new really… mostly exited about Monark…

    1. Just upgraded…. Battery is NOT integrated into Maschine well at all. Loading a battery kit on a maschine group leaves you with your 16 pads not even remotely corresponding to the basic layout… It’s actually really annoying, since they show up in the NI “komplete experience browser: i.e KORE dumbed down” and when browsing through patches you get lots of awkward silence… Most of the kits load a few octaves down…

  3. I can’t help wondering if we’re hitting “that” period (again). Many of my friends who use Komplete don’t consider this to be much of an upgrade. I can’t comment on that myself since I’m using Komplete Elements (with some individually purchased instruments) and I’m happy with that.

    What I can comment on is Live 9. I think its pretty awesome but in all fairness its not the block buster many would have hoped for. Its good, it adds a lot of new stuff, but also plenty of “controversial” stuff which could make many people stick to Live 8 for now.

    Do I see a parallel here?

    There’s more.. Reason 7 anyone? Now, in all fairness the upcoming release is going to be big if you consider that the “Props” addressed a LOT of user input.

    But I think its also fair to say that people who jumped on the Reason bandwagon with version 6 may not have those same demands / requests. So for them the upcoming version could seem like a rather minor increase of options.

    Could it be possible that the market is getting a bit saturated right now ?

  4. the most interesting aspect for me has actually become the effects section.
    lots of softube stuff and it all sounds stunning. mark my words a quality delay is in the production.

    all the same this komplete annual upgrade does bug me a bit. one might say its unsurpassed value but to me it´s just bloated. and by upgrading i have a feel of buying into some pyramid scheme.

    getting harder to resist but i know it´s a smarter thing to do.

  5. I upgraded to 9 from 8 (not ultimate)… but only because I got the upgrade for almost free. Not much to write home about… Monark is fun, but the last thing I would have asked for in a new synth… Battery 4 feels like more of a UI overhaul than anything else… the new kits don’t do much for me. Session strings is an old product, and the new piano kontakt instrument is fun but nothing major…

    Komplete is becoming more and more Kontakt focused…I remember when pro-53, Vokator, Spektral Delay, B4, and more were part of Komplete… those got killed off and replaced with romplers and guitar rig. Even with the synths… most of the recent NI releases are reaktor ensembles….

  6. I’d buy it if they let me install it over the internet but if I have to wait around for that ridiculously huge box to show up in the mail and then dig out an external drive and sit there swapping discs all afternoon like it’s 2005 or something…i’ll pass. For me the price isn’t the problem, I think there are $150 worth of upgrades in it but it’s just the waste of time and space of dealing with that antiquated media that puts me off.

  7. Nothing compelling in this upgrade for me. I guess they are banking on (in)Komplete users not already having a Mini Moog emulation laying around. The demo’s for Monark sound the least compelling of all the Moog emulations I’ve heard, but I suspect within a couple years it will be the most used Moog emulator because it will be the one we all have due to it sneaking in during an upgrade.

    I wish they would give a flat buffet price and let us pick the components we really want, instead of just piling up stuff I’ll never use just to get the four apps that I will.

  8. Last year I upgraded to Komplete 8 during a sale. Only to find out that 2 weeks later when the sale ended, they extended with 3 additional products. This kind of burned me as they will not honor the new deal with the three additional products. Honestly I feel overwhelmed with all the devices and software I already have. I’m definitely in need of a remote cabin in the woods with only Max4Live and Reaktor (Razor).

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