Trevor Morris Interview

The latest SoundWorks Collection video is a profile of composer Trevor Morris, who has scored the Showtime series The Borgias & The Tudors, the film The Immortals, the upcoming Olympus Has Fallen.

Morris discusses his approach to combining orchestra with electronics and his inspiration for some of his soundtracks.

4 thoughts on “Trevor Morris Interview

  1. I always love watching stuff like this. While I realize Synthtopia had nothing to do with tjhis film, I wish Synthtopia would do a series of films that where just studio tours and talking to the owners about gear and what they do.

    1. We’d love to do this – but it’s honestly a financial challenge to scale up to do more video, interviews and reviews. We will keep trying to find a way to make things like this happen.

      1. Maybe it could be as simple as filming and interviewing the bedroom producers in your own backyard? Digital cameras are cheap. I’m sure a Craigslist add under the local audio gear for sale would scare up some willing studiophiles. Then scale up over time. …Thanks for considering it anyhow.

  2. Outstanding piece. I think we all know how its done, but its great to hear from someone like Morris who revels in it. His work is rather classical, but he sure has a fresh voice in that realm.

    Its not always cheap or easy to make these. The artist’s time is limited and valuable; travel can be a factor; and the editing doesn’t just fall from the sky. Its not “free” to make, despite great quickie digital solutions. Keep the sheer footwork of it in mind and savor it when it happens.

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