iLine Mobile Audio Cable Set Now Available

IK-Multimedia-iLine-Cable-KitIK Multimedia has announced that their iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit is now available. The kit is a set of six cables for users of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, MP3 players) and laptops. The company is positoning the cable collection as “the Swiss Army Knife of the cable world.”

The color-coded cables feature 24K gold-plated contacts and are equipped with high-density shielding to guard against electromagnetic interference.

The low-profile connector design is ‘case friendly,’ meaning the jacks connect fully and without obstruction, even when the mobile device is housed in a thick case.

The cables in the kit offer a mix of standard and hard-to-find configurations, for solutions to a broad range of mobile cabling challenges, from splitting headphone feeds to extending TRRS connections to plugging into a mono guitar amplifier, DJ rig, home stereo, and more. Use the new iLine cables with IK accessories like the iRig guitar and bass input adapter; the iRig HD high-definition digital interface, and iRig MIX, the portable DJ mixer.

IK has also released a free interactive companion app, called iLine Cable Kit, for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch and for Android. The app recommends the right cable for a particular situation.

The kit includes the following cables:

  • Mono Output Adapter: can be used to connect a mobile device into a mono input such as on a guitar amplifier – such as IK’s AmpliTube apps on stage.
  • Input Output Extension: to extend the stereo output from a mobile device.
  • Stereo Aux Cable: this extra-long cable allows for long-distance cable runs, such as when connecting a mobile device to speakers or a car stereo.
  • Headphone Splitter: splits a stereo source, such as the headphone output on a mobile device, to feed two sets of headphones or speakers.
  • RCA Output Adapter: great for connecting a mobile device to DJ gear and home stereos with RCA inputs.
  • Mono Output Splitter: this cable makes it possible to send the output of a mobile device into a mixing board.
  • Travel Case: helps to keep all of the cables together and organized.

Pricing and Availability

The iLine Mobile Music Cable Kit is available on the IK Online Store and at dealers worldwide, and is priced at $59.99/47.99 Euro. Cables can be purchased individually, with prices ranging from $14.99/11.99 Euro to $24.99/19.99 Euro.

The iLine Cable Kit app is free, and is available for iOS on the App Store, and for Android on the Google Play Store.

4 thoughts on “iLine Mobile Audio Cable Set Now Available

  1. It is a little surprising someone hasn’t bundled these cords together like this before. It is especially good to see them promoting good cable & connectors, which can be a crap-shoot when you are putting together cheapo cables from the crap-shack and/or non-brand cables from the part of the world where often low-quality cables are made.

  2. All that is missing is a slick break-out of the iOS dock connector. Unfortunately, that must be obtained in risky-ridden back alleys from faceless denizens of the dead of night.

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