Redrum Tutorial – Drum Machine 101

This tutorial, via PropellerheadSW, takes a look at getting started with Propellerhead’s Redrum drum machine. 

Here’s what they have to say about the Redrum tutorial:

Ever since Reason 1.0 beatmakers, producers, and button-mashers alike have all loved the venerable old Redrum Drum Computer. And it’s easy to see why. Step sequencing drum machines like Redrum or even the classic Roland 808 offer a nearly perfect layout for programming the rhythmic syncopated beats used in so many popular music genres. The 16 buttons, representing the 16 steps in the beat, provide the right blend of predictable beat construction and random experimentation when you want to spice up your beats.

In this micro tutorial, we’ll get you started with drum step sequencing and get familiar with the Redrum’s layout. You’ll soon learn why producers the world over love Kong but also keep coming back to Redrum for that special creative simplicity.

3 thoughts on “Redrum Tutorial – Drum Machine 101

  1. Now this is one of the reasons why I favor Reason so much; the no-nonsense company behind it. For the past weeks they’ve covered Subtractor, Malström and now Redrum; all “vintage instruments” according to some skeptics because of all the new Rack Element devices coming out.

    And so the Propellerheads show that there’s much more to those “vintage instruments” than a lot of people realize.

    Why I think that’s so cool? Because they could also have been making video’s to bait us in getting the upcoming Reason 7, instead they make video’s which actually help people.

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