10 thoughts on “Duet For Synthesizer And Rail Cars

  1. I was expecting more sync’ing to the rail cars beat. If I listened to this without any context, it would just sound like someone twiddling knobs on a synth without much direction. But isn’t that what it is anyway?

    I’d love to get those train recordings though.

  2. First of all…..cool. Just someone with curiosity and the drive to explore sonic territories.

    Second….the head mounted microphone on the dummy head to capture as closely as possible the way sound bends around a physical head shaped object. Nice.

    Third….the dog. What other animal would sit there patiently with his human owner and watch a massive locomotive go by while his owner twiddles knobs on a synth? Catch the look on the dog’s face as he looks in the camera as the train passes by. As if to say….”Are we done now?” Yet he remains in the cold….with his owner…patiently waiting for him to end his experiment. Priceless.

    Fourth…..as a follow on to the experiment…..does anyone know of a microphone which is tuned to how a dog hears frequencies as opposed to a human? Then you could record another train and I bet that would be REALLY interesting. Problem is….only the dog would be able to hear a lot of those frequencies. Maybe a visual program could translate what we could not hear onto a monitor to at least represent those frequencies along with what we as humans could hear. Just thinking out loud here.

    Anyway….cool video.

  3. Very cool. I would like to see a lot more stuff like this. Until the last few decades humans made music in and based on their environments. Today we have a very un-natural way of going into a dead isolated room and generating something corporate and then enforcing it back upon the world. I applaud anyone doing things like this!

  4. Very cool idea! Compared to some other experiments I’ve heard so far, the binaural aspect of the sound in this video is a bit subtle, but I think it’s a great experiment nonetheless 🙂 More binaural stuff, please!

  5. I think synth and track might meld better on location.
    The train is much more visceral up close than the head can capture.

    Good idea.

  6. This is so refreshing! This whole video is absurd … and that is why it is awesome!
    Please post more stuff like that on Synthopia … so I can stay up all night instead of getting the needed sleep to be fit for tomorrow. 🙂

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