The MFB Dominion 1 Analog Synthesizer


Musikmesse 2013: MFB will be introducing the MFB Dominion 1 – an analog synthesizer keyboard with a weighted 3 octave keyboard.

Key features:

  • Arp/Sequencer
  • Wieghted 3 octave keyboard with aftertouch
  • Two ribbon controllers
  • Preset memory
  • 3 VCOs, 3 LFOs 3 envelopes
  • ‘Extended FM mode
  • Double oscillator sync
  • Analog + Digital ring modulator
  • Filter module with 12 modes
  • Patchbay for integration with analog gear

Pricing and availability are TBA.


20 thoughts on “The MFB Dominion 1 Analog Synthesizer

  1. Yeah! More analog to choose from, hopefully affordable. Too bad, knowing MFB ‘marketing’, we can wait for demo video until it’s in stores and someone else makes video to youtube….

    1. MFB are a small German manfacturer not an international super corporation. They don’t have an advertising budget. I, for one, am happy they concentrate on make great analog instruments like this rather then being PR guys.

  2. Bet it will price to at 1,500.00 USD…..but still ….we can hope that it will be priced in at around 800-1000.00. Can’t wait to see some videos on it. Maybe Marc Doty will Demo it.

  3. id like to see the arp/sequencer in action! probably washout of my price range though by the time I get it to Australia.

  4. loads of space on the left for knobs but then ADSR sliders are so close together!… I’ll have to get my little sister with her tiny fingers to operate those. Yes! She IS my sister.

    1. quality seems to be decent in the latest products to have come out of mfb… dominion x, etc. perhaps still far from what it could be, they do feel cheaply made, but with gentle use I’ve had no issues thus far fwiw

  5. “Weighted” action typically means “piano-like”. Methinks they mean “semi-weighted”.

  6. Disappointing as the price may seem, this is an analog signal 3 Osc synth with 3 LFOs, a sequencer, memory, a patchbay etc. This may be a dubious comparison, but its kind of like its almost an Oberheim two voice in terms of functionality, with even more features here and there! I think this makes it worth that money just based upon the information we have been given. Need to hear how it sounds and feel it though…

    1. You can find a Beautiful example of the sound on soundcloud, tho its the dominion x its the same engine. Its so creamy and powerful in the bass and the filter VERSATILE as heck. I was blown away! I just hope they actually release the beast at some point. any word on that??

  7. Dominion X SED is awesome, so naturally this thing can only be more awesome. The original boasts features such as LFO keyboard tracking, which means if you do additive synthesis with LFOs they will follow your keyboard track, also LFO can work as an one-shot too (kinda like envelope). There’s mention of 3 LFO for Dominion 1 (both here and their site), but looking at the panel and the CVs i can’t seem to find it.

    This synth is very big step forward from the original, you’ve got filter which is even better than that of original, or the SED version, with more different sonicalities provided in here. There’s both the arpeggiator AND sequencer, which are nice features for jamming. Additional AD env for use of FM is nice. There’s alot more CV options too, with many different outs and ins.

    When it comes to keyboard itself, one thing to pay attention to is the ribbon controllers. I haven’t had very much experience with ribbon controllers, but when I tried out ribbon on the Korg’s Monotribe in a shop, I immediately preferred that over the normal wheels. Ribbon has more precise feeling to it when it comes to pitch bending, and seeing how you got so many different sources for these 2 ribbons to modulate.. all I gotta say is wow.

    I feel as this synth deserves more attention than it is getting atm. There are ALOT of modulations possibilities crammed into one box. You got options for FM synthesis, you can do some additive harmonics with LFOs or some other sources, you’ve got different filter modes / versions to work with for your subtractive synthesis. If more people start buying these, it could mean we could possibly see Dominion 5 in the future, because that’s what I’m ultimately hoping they would release.

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