Yamaha Debuts Pocketrak PR7 Recorder

Yamaha-PR7At Musikmesse 2013, Yamaha introduced the new Pocketrak PR7, an “ultra-portable” linear recorder. Equipped with newly-developed XY stereo microphones, the PR7 captures high-resolution stereo recordings, regardless of the surrounding sonic environment.

The PR7 offers practice functions, like an onboard tuner and metronome. It comes with 2GB of internal memory (and the ability to expand storage capacity with micro SD/SDHC memory cards) and features long battery life, mic line inputs for microphones or instruments, 24bit/96kHz recording and a built-in speaker.

The PR7 is equipped with a dedicated overdubbing button, to allows for the addition of solo sections and harmonies over an existing track. Marker editing lets users insert up to 36 index markers in audio files during recording or playback. These markers can also be used to loop a specific section of a file.

The PR7 also features five optimized presets tailored to a variety of settings and applications, geared toward rehearsing, songwriting, speaking engagements or field recording. The presets have an enhanced High Pass Filter that eliminates low frequency noise along with dynamics control settings, which are customized for different recording environments.

In addition, the PR7 comes with Steinberg’s WaveLab LE audio editing and mastering software for 2-track audio editing with high-end EQ and dynamics processing to improve the sound of the audio file. This software also includes VST plug-ins.

Pricing and Availability

Yamaha’s POCKETRAK PR7 (MSRP: $249) will be available June 2013.

2 thoughts on “Yamaha Debuts Pocketrak PR7 Recorder

  1. Cool stuff. I own a Pocketrak C24 for quite some time myself and well, I sometimes tend to call it the “sonic screwdriver for musicians” because it’s not just a field recorder, it provides so much more. For example; having a metronome available can come in handy sometimes, or what to think about a tuner option? Could that these are standard options, I really wouldn’t know.

    The part I like best is where I can simply expand the USB connector from the bottom and then stick it right into my USB hub, so that I can access the Pocketrak as an USB mass storage device, couldn’t be easier.

    As for the sound quality.. I’ve been nothing but impressed. I once turned the thing on during a car drive (as passenger obviously) and even on the back seat did it manage to pick up the drivers voice while he was speaking while keeping his head forward to (obviously) watch the traffic.

    When I became more familiar with samplers and such I took that snippet, applied several filters to it and enhanced it and well; it’s amazing what results you can get with a little work. Even so; wouldn’t have been possible if my source material wasn’t up to it to begin with.

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