Free Supernova Sound Banks For MiniNova, UltraNova

Novation-SupernovaNovation has announced the release of two new free sound packs for their MiniNova and UltraNova keyboard synthesizers. The new Supernova sound banks are made up of sounds from the original 1998 rack mount Supernova synthesizer, created by the Supernova’s original sound designer, Phil McDonald.

McDonald created the iconic sounds of the Supernova that powered classics by Orbital, ATB, Jean Michel Jarre and A Guy Called Gerald, among others.

The first of the two soundpacks, with 64 sounds, is available now, as part of Novation’s 21st Anniversary celebration. The second pack will be released later in the year.

Here is a SoundCloud demo of the sound bank:

The free Supernova sound pack is available from the Novation site. Here’s a video overview of how to install the sound packs:

Supernova sound bank system requirements: To install the Novation Supernova soundpacks, you’ll need the free MiniNova or UltraNova Librarian applications. Use them to import and store new patches and the other soundpacks for both synths, including the Chuckie, Dino Soldo and 2-volume Daniel Fisher soundpacks.

7 thoughts on “Free Supernova Sound Banks For MiniNova, UltraNova

    1. Me too. I have been for ten years, but I haven’t lost my hope entirely. At least Ultranova proves, that their R/D have been thinking about VA side of things too.

      A dream of multitimbral version of MiniNova keeps me from buying the Ultra/Mini.
      If they would also label the knob sections with small screens, it would also be a dream controller. I wouldn’t necessarily want them to use too much money on the touch sensitivity of the knobs. Just a ton of them, and a bit of quality too.

      I love ribbons. I know, that not every one needs them, and that separately bought ribbons are not super expensive for those who do need them either, but they increase synthesizers value more, than what the component costs in my eyes. The X-Y -Pad in X-Station still makes me smile more, than any other cheap synth of its age. A pressure sensitive one, and a long ribbon, in a flag ship…
      …the sudden massive increase of happiness in my head would reach such density, that my brain would collapse in a very small black hole, sucking me and the instrument in for eternity. How long extension cord would I need…

      A VA doesn’t need samples, of course, but a VA with samples would also become a gig instrument with just a little more money and effort. And smearing samples with ring modulation and FM wouldn’t be totally useless for synthetists either. Plus, a VA with a step sequencer and samples would become my dream workstation too. “Mere” 8 parts…or perhaps as low as 5, would keep me entertained for the eternity.

      And I wonder when we will finally get a 6 (or more) operator FM with knobs.

  1. Classics…
    Once again what are you waiting for bring us new sound from 2013!
    Don’t care about doing stuffs sounds like jmj or orbital or others myths.

    So long, thx for the fish.

  2. Every time I see a supernova keyboard it’s like…seriously the most beautiful synth I’ve ever seen. The materials they used back then gave it such class – the feel of the buttons, sliders, and knobs had a quality their modern gear doesn’t even come close to. I touch an ultranova and the feel of the plastic rubbery buttons is just so…disappointing. 🙁

    Novation, I know you’re not the same company that you used to be (after literally getting bought by another company several years ago), but please, hear our cry. Give us a REAL Supernova III

    Pretty please!!!!!!!

  3. My dream synth: Ultranova with at least four multitimbral parts, 88 weighted keys with polyphonic aftertouch and a long ribbon or XY pad.

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