7 thoughts on “Jazz Fusion Synth Jam With MEHLIANA

  1. Cool that you guys posted this. Thought you forgot. I’ve seen these guys in Paris and they’re amazing. Before anyone asks..Mehldau plays a Rhodes, a Prophet and a Little Phatty.

  2. Brad Mehldau guys! This dude is just awesome! He is touring Seattle right now, if you’re in Wa. just go see him live!

  3. no offence, but the top keyboard on the right is a roland, though I can’t tell the model. it look like a five octave synth. underneath looks more like a Wurlitzer EP and the bass synth looks like a four or five octave controller — maybe hooked up to a laptop.

    1. I know that it looks like he is playing a Roland, but this is an old photo. The sound you hear comes from the board of a concert where he plays the synths I mentioned. 😉

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