Studio Electronics’ Boomstar SEM Demo Video “Wife Expectancy”

Drew Neumann and Marc St. Regis have created a demonstration video, “Wife Expectancy,” of the Boomstar Synthesizer with SEM “desktop analog synthesizer.”

The Boomstar SEM is a “classic Oberheim” 12db filter (full function, with LP to HP mix control).  The video runs through the features of the synth, one of which is the whimsically named “Chewy Obie Filter Goodness.”

Suggested retail price is $899, and is available at synth boutiques Noisebug and at Big City Music.

10 thoughts on “Studio Electronics’ Boomstar SEM Demo Video “Wife Expectancy”

  1. great sounds! looks like a winner. it is raining analog synths! yay!
    tho is is funny to see two people tweeking the same synth. i was waiting
    for a third pair of hands to appear, turn a knob, and have the first guy
    give ’em a smack on the wrist and say “dont be touchin my LFO!”

  2. With all due respect, I don’t quite see the point of this synth when you can have an original SEM made by Tom for the same price
    Btw I have an original SEM and it simply kills me

    1. It’s listed at $300 cheaper and has more features than a new SEM. It’s only the filter that takes after the SEM. The rest of the synthesis architecture isn’t a copy it seems.

      1. SEM with Patchpanel. All internal SEM connections are brought out to 3.5mm minijacks – all 33 of them. The basic connections are a one-volt-per-octave VCO control voltage and a standard 0 to +5 volt gate signal. On this version of the SEM, there is no MIDI input.

        The U.S. price is $899.

  3. “Your assumptions are your windows on the world. Scrub them off every once in a while, or the light won’t come in.”
    ? Isaac Asimov

  4. Thanks for posting, would like to see a “freehand” demo, as I find the “run a sequence and change the knobs” approach boring and over-used. Liking the small footprint and useful expansions on the classic SEM features and architecture.

  5. OK, found the samples via FB, a bit more my speed in demonstrating the range of sounds it can produce. This should make for a happy combo with the MiniBrute + efx.

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