7 thoughts on “PPG WaveGenerator Editing Tutorial From Wolfgang Palm

  1. While I really like the sounds this thing makes, it looks far too complex and cumbersome for in iOS app. I find myself gravitating more towards things that are more elegant and simple when I turn to my iPad for music-making. I think the sweet spot is Animoog – it offer just enough options to be interesting, but overall it is pretty simple to use, and the layout is just about perfect.

    This looks like they’re trying to cram too much stuff into too little space. iMusic-making needs to be fast and hassle-free for me to get on with it.

    I’d probably pay the $20 for a version with 1/2 as many options, menus, and parameters to edit.

      1. Ideally I like stuff like Thumb Jam for iOS music making. Super simple, and super expressive. It’s a blast to play live. Just played a show with it the other night, and I had a blast playing it, and people loved to watch and listen to what I was doing with it.

        After spending some time today with this PPG App, I see that my original opinion was the correct one. They crammed too many options and menu items into to little space. It’s cumbersome and not inspiring, doesn’t jive with my workflow.

        For me, working on the iPad simply puts me in a different state of mind. I’ll spend hours crating interesting wavetable sounds on the Blofeld, but that’s because I’m sitting at a desk, in work mode. The iPad is my get up and go, on the bus, on a break, sitting in a park instrument – I want stuff to be elegant and straightforward, because the times I spend with the device are shorter, but more frequent.

  2. His Wavemapper app is much easier to get great sounds from. I bought them both, but always end up going Wavemapper.

  3. So far, Wavemapper is my favorite synth on iOS. because of Wavemapper, I think Palm now needs to take Wavegenerator in a different direction, besides the way in which you edit/create sounds. Perhaps it needs a different synth engine. Animoog is nice, but both Wavemapper and Wavegenerator sound better imho.

  4. dunno. i like wavegenerator a lot. in certain ways more than wavemapper. and i think it’s a tad deeper than animoog.

    by the way, have you guys imported any of your wavegenerator patches to wavemapper? you can do some really interesting things when you do.

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