Livepad For iPad Inspired By Novation LaunchPad


POJ Studios has announced Livepad – an MIDI controller app for iPad, inspired by the Novation LaunchPad.

Livepad is designed to let you control Ableton Live and other DJ programs with MIDI over WiFi or USB.


  • Control Ableton Live with your iPad!
  • MIDI over WiFi
  • MIDI over USB with iPad camera kit and most iPad midi accessories (accessories not included)
  • AirPlay Support
  • Session, User 1, User 2 modes
  • Mixer Mode
    • Volume
    • Panning
    • Solo Track
    • Mute Track
    • Send Effects
    • Stop Tracks
    • Arm Tracks
  • Rotating Display
  • Highly Responsive

Here’s the Livepad preview video. POJ notes, “This is a non-interactive teaser demonstrating the apps ability to respond to midi messages from Ableton over WiFi.”:

Here’s another teaser demo:

LivePad is expected to be available in June for $2.99.

11 thoughts on “Livepad For iPad Inspired By Novation LaunchPad

  1. $2.99 is a good price, getting tired of these $19.99 apps that end up not doing what you need them to.

  2. If this is real I’ll buy the hell out of it for $2.99. The fact that it has the exact same song as the promo for the novation launchpad has me worried about the credibility of this video though. Anyone could whip up this animation. Show me the app actually running on an ipad and I’ll start to get excited.

    1. If you watch the Launchpad S promo video and this one, even the button presses are exactly the same.

  3. This is cool but the LaunchPad app is also pretty cool – it’s like a mini version of Ableton Live.

  4. Hey guys, I don’t know what happened to the videos and this product, but I did a similar thing, for both iOS AND ANDROID, only $2.49

    Play Store:

    App Store:

    I hope you’re still interested; thanks for taking your time!


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