New Synth Emulates, Updates Vintage Vocoder


XILS-Lab has introduced XILS V+, a new software synth that offers a ‘vintage’ 10 band vocoder, ‘Supreme Top Octave Divider’ based Strings and Human Voices and layering of these three elements.

Here’s what they have to say about XILS V+:

After more than one year of intense modelling deep in the basement of the Xils Laboratories, we offer you this complete recreation of a legend. Its unique vintage vibe and beauty that can only be brought back to life by precisely emulating different ancient and forgotten techniques.

When the XILS V+ is released, in less than two weeks, everyone will be able to invoke the Top Octave Divider oscillator (T.O.D ) and its unique sound, The Ensemble circuitry (Chorus) featuring a compender and no less than 4 Bucket Brigade Delays, The Voice and Vocoder Vibratos (also based on two other BBD), the 14 filters involved in the Human voices, the 3 filters used for the Strings, the 40 Vocoder filters and the sophisticated Attack, Release and Glide circuitry.

T.O.D : The Top Octave Divider Oscillator provides a unique sound that no samples, or other simple synthesis techniques can reproduce. Emulating the T.O.D, without any aliasing on the whole frequency range, with its pitch and waveform modulation, was a real challenge, worthy of XILS-lab. We are very proud of this effort and offer it to you for your inspiration and enjoyment.

XILS-lab touch : The XILS V+ would not however be a real XILS-lab instrument if we did not add a lot of functions and possibilities that were not present in the original machine, some giving access to its internal circuitry and parameters. And some being totally new.

“T.O.D and Beyond”, following the Analog and Beyond tradition XILS-lab initiated a long time ago.

The XILS V+ will be available in the following formats : Effect AND instrument, VST2.4, VST3, AU, AAX ( All versions 32 and 64 bits ), Mac and Windows.

The release date is May 25th, 2013, pricing is TBA. See the site for details.

8 thoughts on “New Synth Emulates, Updates Vintage Vocoder

  1. Looks great but I won’t be buying it due to the requirement of the USB dongle protection.

    If it was a simple serial number/online authorisation process then I’d buy it day one.

  2. I think musician are looking for simple computer setups.
    “e-Licenser” or “USB dongle” are outdated, bulky, time and resource consuming.
    That keeps me away from Arturia and Cubase as well.
    Too bad. A pity.

    1. here is my best advice, buy an ilok so you can buy soundtoys. then, get cool demos of some of the best plugs ever written and have fun!

  3. If you use multible machines or often collaborate with friends dongle or no DRM at all are the way to go.

  4. Got my original VP-330 sold 20 years ago by financial problems and still miss him every day. Bonkersgreat was my joy with the wonderful XILS V+ you can imagine…But, what the hell!!! iLok or eLicenser protected, This brings me back to my 80’s atari period, …disappointed I click on the red cross, top right … sigh it could have been so beautiful

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