Arpeggionome for iPhone Now Available


Alexander Randon has released Arpeggionome for iPhone, the iPhone version of Arpeggionome Pro.

Arpeggionome for iPhone lets you create intricate patterns of musical notes, then trigger those patterns at different pitches and speeds with an x-y matrix. Tilt the iPhone for accelerometer-controlled pitchbend and volume.

Here’s a demo of Arpeggionome for iPhone in action:


  • Accelerometer-controlled pitch bend and volume
  • Design arpeggio patterns from scratch
  • Fifteen pattern-parameters accessed on one page of touch-knobs
  • Parameters include Key, Scale, Number of Notes, Step Distance, Notes Style, Alignment, Octave Range, Octave Style, Rates, Octave Offset, Note Offset, Velocity, Gate, and Tempo.
  • Includes a Pattern Library with a wide selection of presets.
  • Save and recall your own patterns.
  • 8 pattern-buttons and 2 arrow-buttons provide quick access to the Pattern Library, enabling you to change and save patterns on the fly.
  • A simple built-in synthesizer.
  • Integrated documentation for every parameter and setting.
  • Backup, restore, and transfer patterns between devices via iTunes File Sharing.

A MIDI Upgrade is available as an in-app purchase for $4.99. It lets you control other iOS MIDI apps, external MIDI gear, and computer software.

Arpeggionome for iPhone is available for $.99 in the App Store.

If you’ve used Arpeggionome for iPhone, let us know what you think of it!

2 thoughts on “Arpeggionome for iPhone Now Available

  1. So, it’s not really 0.99, it’s $5, because otherwise it doesn’t do squat.

    Nice play. I’d consider it for $5 outright, but this gives a sour taste.
    Makes one think “what else is missing and will be for sale later?”

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