Dave Smith Instruments Tempest Gets OS Update

Dave Smith Instruments Tempest drum machineDave Smith Instruments has released a new OS for the Tempest analog drum machine.

Here’s what’s new in Tempest OS 1.3:

New Features:

  • Playlist playback and live recording added
  • MIDI remote pad play and sound/beat/mutes triggers added
  • Undo/Revert sound function added
  • Huge change in sequencer code, improving latency and many timing related features
  • Polyphonic pad pressure handing implemented in 16 tunings/levels
  • System menu navigation improved
  • Improved voice stealing algorithm
  • Added pad calibration routine

Bugs Fixed:

  • Note durations not recording correctly
  • Several MIDI related bugs (Pitchbend applied from any channel to all sounds, etc)
  • Several SPP bugs causing timing inconsistencies while slaved
  • Beat transition latency drastically improved
  • Cleaned up several text and display related errors
  • Graphics performance improved by ~30%
  • Several playback related bugs that caused flam type behavior on beat transitions or sound playback
  • From this OS forward MIDI transfers over USB will be much more solid
  • OS updates work over USB from this OS on
  • Some bank B related behavior could cause crashes or stalls
  • Beat FX could sometimes get ‘stuck’ while transitioning between beats
  • Rare crash when Count In set to ‘record only’ at the end of the count in period
  • Several name related problems causing spaces to appear in project or beat names
  • Flams triggered during live recording on the first pass when notes added to the sequencer before the sequencer ready to play the quantized value back
  • Recorded legato notes not recording duration long enough to transition, instead cutting the note off before the new note plays back

Download the update via the Dave Smith Instruments site.

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9 thoughts on “Dave Smith Instruments Tempest Gets OS Update

  1. Awesome news. Will update my Tempest soon! DSI is standing
    by their products. They really swung for the fences with the Tempest,
    and took a risk making something unique and useful. i can respect that.
    Plus, it may help to remember that computers use OS’s, but they don’t
    write them. People do, and it is not always easy.
    thanks! : )

  2. Good Support. The guy behind Tempest is working hard 🙂
    That said, there is a tendency to make customers beta tester unbeknownst to one’s own free will.

  3. Kudos to Dave Smith for running a tight ship and updating older gear. I’ve had my eye on the Tempest and it’s looking better and better with each rev.

  4. Dave also gives good business ethic. A friend and I each owned Prophets back in the P-5/P-600 era and the company met our couple of small needs handily. That clearly still goes in 2013.

    1. Dave Smith has personally handled any issues Ive had with his products in a timely and effective manner. Hands down best customer service Ive ever experienced with any company, ever. YMMV but I think they deserve props for it.

  5. still no unquantized recording eh? so happy i sold mine.this thing cant make a good kick drum at all…at best it sounds like my farts.

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