New Generative Music App, Musyc, For iOS


Fingerlab – the creator of DM1 Drum Machine – has introduced Musyc – a new multitouch generative music app for iOS.

Musyc offers 64 instruments (organized into 16 groups) that are controlled using a variety of physical and music controls.

Here’s a demo of Musyc in action:


  • Optimized for iPhone 5 and new iPad
  • High quality sound engine
  • Physical engine
  • Audio track mixer (level, pitch, length, pan, mute)
  • 2 effect channels with 5 effects (Delay, Overdrive, Reverb, Dalek, Compressor)
  • Physical sequencer
  • Motion recorder
  • Advanced physical objects (planet, black hole, modulator, …)
  • Real-time audio recording
  • High-quality or compressed exports (DropBox, SoundCloud, Mail, AudioCopy and iTunes)

Planned future features:

  • iPhone4 & iPodTouch optimization
  • Import & Export song project (DropBox, Mail, iTunes)
  • User sound kit with samples import
  • Audio background support
  • Wist synchronization
  • Midi synchronization
  • AudioBus support

Musyc is free and its full version is available for $3.99 through an in-app purchase.

Note: Musyc is not compatible with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod touch 3 and iPod touch 4.

13 thoughts on “New Generative Music App, Musyc, For iOS

  1. Pretty…! Cute…!

    And after 5min of usage, you will be yearning for your good old time line and note sequencing… ?

    1. As I didn’t write this app I can’t comment on which iOS 6 features the developer may have used, but each iteration of the OS brings with it new and better APIs, frameworks, and UI elements. With iOS 6 adoption at 88.6%, and with the iOS 7 announcement about to happen at WWDC in two weeks, it makes sense that apps coming out today would target iOS 6 as the baseline.

      Most developers and development companies that I know stopped targeting iOS 5 quite a while ago. This was partly because of wanting to use new stuff only available in iOS 6, and partly because for the most part, the small percentage of devices that haven’t upgraded to iOS 6 are older devices such as the first generation iPad. These are simply not powerful enough for many of the apps coming out today.

  2. Picked this up last night – sounds and looks fantastic.

    Really looking forward to adding this to the iPad/OP-1 combo. Should make for some fun and interesting compositions.

  3. Listening to this demo on headphones, I’m hearing (unwanted) noise around the music… hiss, clicks, pops, etc. I’m afraid you’ll have to either fix the app, or the demo video.

    This will unsell itself for any serious use! I do hope your app is actually better than it sounds here, because it’s right up my alley! Hey… the developer of the DM1 can do anything.

  4. Looks like a very interesting UI. MIDI in/out? Ok. But if they instead would put in some synth engine and let us make our own sounds like Mixtikl… then we’re talking. I love Mixtikl, only thing is its a very steap learning curve to it. This one seems easy and intuitive to use, easy to use live….. but I cant use it as long as I cannot make my own sounds 🙁
    But I will be keeping an eye on it. I mean, DM1 is one hell of a brum machine 🙂

    1. Besides being good at brumming, DM-1 is also a good drum machine. Yeah, making sounds would be cool but enabling MIDI and emailing MIDI patterns is more exciting to me.

  5. I have to second the comment that it reminds me a lot of my Tenori-On, at least one of the “scenes” it has. Of course, for this particular scene, the app has much more options to influence all the bouncing.
    However, I do not like the idea of using the predefined soundsets or importing them. I think it is too much effort. I had the best suprises when I just routed the Tenori-On to my external Virus and switched between the programs. It is too much hazzle to select sounds, import them, try them out, reject them, try new ones…
    So with Midi Out, I think I would buy it.
    I would rather route it into sounds with longer sustain to get soundscapes than those short percussive ones, like the “Tenori-On sound”.

  6. Oh, yeah… I forgot to mention that the noise floor sounds like an 8-bit food processor. I’m NOT trying to crab about this, but I would like Fingerlab to relisten.

  7. Listen to the entitled masses in this thread! This is a FREE app. It’s loads of fun, something different, and if you like electronic music it will definitely throw a few melodies at you that you can use. What’s not to like?!!!

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