Gestrument Kinect Available As A Free Beta

This video demonstrates Gestrument Kinect – an app that converts Kinect data to MIDI that can be used with Gestrument for iPad.  

Note that Gestrument Kinect lets you translate Kinect data into MIDI and that the sound synthesis is being handled by an iPad.

Performances in the video by Jesper Nordin/Trio Trespassing, Oskar Landström/Jesper Nordin and TrioTrespassing/Västerås Sinfonietta conducted by Johannes Gustavsson.

It’s a free download at the Gestrument site.

3 thoughts on “Gestrument Kinect Available As A Free Beta

  1. Interesting to see this and the Leap Motion news on the same day – the Leap controller looks so much more accurate and responsive.

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