Korg Mono/Poly For Reason Now Available

korg-mono-poly-rack-extensionKorg has introduced Mono/Poly for Reason, a Rack Extension version of their classic analog synthesizer.

Mono/Poly for Reason uses Korg’s Component Modeling Technology to model the circuitry of the original analog instrument. Originally introduced as part of Korg’s Legacy Collection, Mono/Poly can now be integrated into Reason as a Rack Extension.

Here are the details:

In addition to accurately reproducing the sounds from the original, Mono/Poly for Reason also provides a range of new functionality, such as 128-voice polyphony (maximum), up to 16-voice unison settings with spread, virtual patching, and freely assignable external modulation settings.

The Mono/Poly – 4VCO monophonic / polyphonic analog synthesizer was originally introduced in 1981. It launched simultaneously with the Korg Polysix, and due to their functionality, feature sets and affordable prices; they were immediately successful entries into the synth world.

Korg Mono/Poly for Reason is available in the Propellerhead shop for US $49.

4 thoughts on “Korg Mono/Poly For Reason Now Available

    1. You can put it in the original mode if you want, or you can switch on the “modern” mode and get more out of it.

      Reason doesn’t have a fixed limit polyphony btw, it’ll keep giving til your system gives out

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