Emmett Chapman Intros The Railboard – A Radically Redesigned Chapman Stick

Emmett Chapman, creator of the Chapman Stick, has introduced the Railboard – a radically redesigned take on his original Stick. The electro-acoustic instrument takes advantage of new technologies to minimize complexity and cost.

This 10-string tapping instrument has an integrated fret and beam structure, machined from a single piece of aluminum and then hard-anodized. The Railboard hardware supports any tuning, and easy truss adjustment allows fast and low tapping action.

The Railboard costs $1,650 for the instrument, cables and adjustment tools. The case is extra and price depends on hard case or soft carrying bag.

For details, see the Stick site.

6 thoughts on “Emmett Chapman Intros The Railboard – A Radically Redesigned Chapman Stick

  1. Beautiful. Makes me wish I was a string player! I had a friend who played the Stick and it took him in different directions all the time. He especially enjoyed EQing and reverbing it so that he sounded eerily like a piano. That’s a boutique price, but its right in line with a pro instrument you’re going to play for 10 years or more. My first workstation was $2600 and its worked well for 25 years. There’s the curve for top-end quality. A precision-cast aluminum body… “My God, its full of stars!”

  2. $1600 is an absolute steal for a handbuilt heirloom quality instrument. I paid that much for a padauk Stick 15 years ago — still looks and plays like the day it arrived — and this should be even more durable. SE just keep right on innovating…

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